Obama’s solemn judgment 2

Again we pinch a neat cartoon from PowerLine:



    “Does evil exist in the world?” It does, Barack, and it lives inside of a “vehicle,” roaming about looking for a safe place to satisfy it’s agenda, which would be “relax…..and play!”

    It resides in the inactivity and also in the irresponsibility of this vehicle, driven by it’s miscued agendas, it’s slothfulness, and also in the rest of our responsibility-less ‘vehicles’ that found a home in our government.

    And evil shows up in most of this vehicle’s activities too, depending on what they might be!

    Evil thrives in the actions of this vehicle and it’s powerful politically-driven, game-playing friends, when they all take what they want through conveniently disregarding the Rule Of Law.

    Then these vehicles just hand these commodities over to the masses who would rather die than work for their own rewards, since vehicles like these over the years have trained them to be their personal slaves by giving them other folk’s hard-won assets, almost like they were valueless!

    And they’ve almost become valueless due to the vehicle’s constant escalation and repetitive actions which take the energy from the rapidly disappearing producers, and then give away this ‘sweat’ of these folk’s brow to the have-nots.

    These values are still valuable to the few producers who worked hard to gain them, whether those things be their hard-earned money, or their liberties, since it was them who produced this energy.

    If you look closely in your bathroom mirror, Barack, you will instantly see the ‘vehicle’ of pure evil…..staring back into your eyes………..

  • liz

    Which means he’s not really standing in the middle there – Mr. “Dont blame me, I’m only the President”. He’s right there in line with Putin, ISIS, and Hamas, as he dithers while they rape, pillage and burn, funnels them money, and rolls out the welcome mat at the border for them.