Islam is a religion of cruelty, destruction, and murder 4

Bill Maher, atheist, explains to Charlie Rose, also apparently an atheist, how Islam is even worse than other religions.


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  • Don L

    What a shame Maher is such a poorly informed socialist. He thinks so clearly when it comes to religions and yet reverts to the emotional SHOULD when it comes to political economy…and like a theist, he refuses rationality and reality when it comes to his devotion to government ‘nannyism’.

    Charlie Rose, Bill Moyers, Tavis Smiley(his promo displayed ) and everyone else on PBS/NPR…gov’t funded media…are propagandists for the progressive ideology…PC Forever!!! Moderate Muslims…Not an Islamic state…And, Smiley adds the blacks are victims who are entitled idiocy to the mix.

    I have never been able to figure out how someone can see clear of the irrationality of religion and then totally accept the plani facts of socialism’s failures and continue to push for government control. My only notion is the theory of addiction which suggests, like nearly all alcoholics, will swap booze for god…even if atheist before. It is merely changing one irrationality for another irrationality…some synapses in the brain gets pleasured and that’s it. So, these leftist atheists have swapped the irrationality of a god for the irrationality of government according to SHOULD.

    • I totally agree with you, Don L.

      From time to time some visitor to our website or our Facebook page informs me that “atheist conservative” is self-contradictory (even, some say, “an oxymoron”). But they are foolish and wrong. It is rational to be atheist and rational to be libertarian-conservative. The contradiction comes in the minds of those who, as you say, are rational enough to be atheists, but anti-rational (emotional) enough to be socialists. Bill Maher etc are living breathing walking contradictions.

    • liz

      Yes, I’ve always thought that must be the reason for so many socialist atheists. They probably arrived at atheism by default – didn’t have to reason it out much, just accepted it from their family or peers, so then didn’t apply much reasoning to their political opinions either.
      If you arrive at atheism by reasoning your way out of religion, and really seeing how irrational it is, and how it controls you through its emotional appeal, then maybe you’re better able to recognize the similarities to it in socialism.
      I just read a fascinating article on, “Karl Marx as Religious Eschatologist”, by Murray Rothbard, that traces clearly how socialism originated out of Christianity. It totally confirms Jillian’s writing on its origins in Christianity and the romantic movement.

      • Don L

        I’ll look for it…thanks!