All aboard for Kerry’s mystery coalition 10

Secretary of State Kerry says 40 countries will be in coalition with the US in its war with IS/ISIS/ISIL.

Which states would those be?

According to CNN:

On Sunday, Kerry said countries in the Middle East are willing to help with strikes against ISIS, but … “it’s not appropriate to start announcing which nations will participate and what each will do.”

Because you see, fact is, apart from the US, nobody’s doin’ nothin’ nohow –  except make a few promises with their fingers crossed.

Australia says it will send up to eight combat aircraft, one airborne early warning and control aircraft, and one multirole tanker and transport aircraft. In case somebody over there knows how to use them. No troops.

Great Britain says it would seriously consider helping to arm Kurdish forces if Kurdish forces were to fight ISIS beyond their own borders.

Canada says it already sent sent some ammunition to somebody and will maybe send some advisers to somewhere in Iraq.

France declares that it has contributed 18,000 rounds of .50-caliber ammunition. And, what is more, it has performed one or two humanitarian aid drops to refugees somewhere in the region. And more still –  it promises to do some bombing perhaps at some time. Somewhere.

The Netherlands says it will definitely try to stop would-be fighters leaving to go and help ISIS.

Turkey says, word of honor, it will cut the flow of money to ISIS and… and … has already begun to think about how to stop foreigners crossing its territory to join ISIS.

Jordan says it will provide intelligence.

Saudi Arabia says it will train fighters against ISIS if any present themselves for such training. Also, along with Qatar and Egypt, it will spread anti-ISIS messages and encourage imams to say really nasty things against the group.

Iran has said it will do absolutely nothing to help the US which, it says, is only fighting ISIS because it wants to dominate the region. (At present Iran is dominating much of the region.)

Iraqi Kurdistan is willing to send their Peshmerga forces to fight beyond their borders if and when there’s a comprehensive international strategy put in place – which there is not.

The remaining 30 – unnamed – participating countries are keeping information about their contributions each to itself. They’re not even telling Kerry. Why be so nosy? They deserve a little privacy, don’t they? It’s every state’s right.

  • liz

    What a farce. I really wish our generals would just ignore the pompous windbags and do what needs to be done.


      On America’s part, World War Two was fought with a nation-wide ferocity unlike even World War One. And our Civil War, the one where more Americans died than any other war in our existence, was anything but “civil.”

      In both of these wars, the entire country paid a price in what every citizen sacrificed, not just our troops. In our other wars, Vietnam, Korea, Granada, The Gulf War, the troops and their friends and families were the only debtors.

      Most of the rest of the country continued to live their lives in a “bubble.” Interested, but not invested really……….not needing to contribute much of anything.

      Regardless of the great danger we face as a country and a civilization, people like Obama aren’t at all interested in waging this “World War Two” kind of totality.

      The’re way too politically attached to having a personally favorable outcome as politicians to do great harm to our enemies.

      These politically-motivated types, along with their handlers, carefully monitor the pulse of their campaign contributors in between their campaigning at fundraisers and extravagant vacations and golf outings.

      Before any operation takes place, they check on the feelings and opinions of their voting base, while also observing the foreign popularity of their feeble, and “theatrical” plans.

      I wonder what a General Douglas McArthur, or a General Dwight D. Eisenhower, or a General George S. Patton, or an Admiral Chester W. Nimitz would have to say regarding President Obama’s military proposals???

      I venture to state that what these fine examples of past military minds would observe, and what most of us here on this website see is the NEED for a “THIRD” Second World War.

      A war not focused on a particular country, but a war fashioned, shaped, and ultimately meant to obliterate a worldwide IDEA.
      One as deadly, or more-so than Nazism, Fascism, or Communism.

      An idea that through it’s followers has carried out, and will continue to carry out the demands of it’s Law Book, called the Quran.

      Obama has decreased the size of our present military to unbelievably low proportions. This one fact is a disaster, of, and by itself.

      I feel that the pretend “war” we see coming from the proposals of disinterested parties like Obama will continue the downfall of our civilization. And I think that most of you know this, too………..

      • liz

        Absolutely. He continues to say there’s not a military solution to this problem of ISIS. Oh, really? I guess be thinks “ignore it and it will go away” actually works.
        As for what past Generals would be calling him, I can attest that among the things my father, a 93 year old WW2 vet, frequently calls him, “jackass” is the only printable one!!

        • REALBEING

          LOL!!! And I’m most certain that your 93-year-old vet- father is in a highly educated place that would allow him to make this assessment correctly!

  • deuZige

    The Netherlands is sending 4 fightercraft, with pilots, support crew and protection troops (almost 300 in all) with enough ammo to keep shooting whoever you yanks tell us to shoot.

    I agree there are more usefull things our navy and spec. forces could send to help you guys out and that the most advanced and powerfull air force on the planet would not need 4 F16-E fighters to make the difference.

    • Don L

      Yes, those special forces and other assets might round up those slamist bastards, you’ve got camped in your country, and dump them out in IS just below some Netherland bombs…just a thought!. Oh, it isn’t just helping us out…ya know.


        The bonehead in The White House is too busy going to fundraisers to give a shit…… he sends the Airdales and the Air Force over to mark time when what is really required is a solid presence of good ole’ Dogfaces, Leathernecks, and some serious killer Airborne-types to install a boot in the asses and on the necks of these towel-headed losers…….

        I know, I know……I got an attitude over this guy anymore……..

        • Don L

          Totally agree. This could all be over in 90 days…a month or two more if we decide to do Iran after IS…with something akin to either of the first two Iraq war forces were employed. With Iran, all we need do is destroy facilities and equipment….In and out!

          • REALBEING

            If we went ahead and really kicked some very serious ass, the rest of the planet would hate us more than they already did! Oh BOO-HOO!!!!!!!!

            Who really gives a shit? They already hate us! And after the desolation was over and the foreign aid to their individual countries picked up, they’d go back to hating us just a little less.

    • Thanks for the info, deuZige. We were not so much criticizing other countries as deploring the feebleness of John Kerry (and Barack Obama).