When there’s only a bad choice or a worse choice 2

We would vote Obama the worst president ever. Even worse than Jimmy Carter.

Bill Whittle makes a case that must annoy Democrats – that Obama is “Bush Lite”.



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  • rightdetour

    Mr. Whittle needs to make another video on domestic policy and show it to my fellow Republicans who think the two presidents differ significantly.

  • Don L

    Great video.

    There is a show on TV called Bait Car. Around the country, police dept’s set out cars (Bait Cars), which they have wired for sound, video and a remote shut off switch, in high auto theft areas in their respective cities. The viewer watches as the Bait Car is stalked and stolen. Everything the auto thief says and does is recorded, seen real-time by the task force police, as he/she/they drive off and are eventually captured.

    Nearly 90% of the thieves are black. And nearly 100% of the time, the thief lies about the theft…it’s not my fault: “I did it because X or Y told me or asked me to” is the usual story followed by ” I wouldn’t lie to you officer”. Of course, everyone knows it’s a lie as all have watched the crime occur. The lying, however, just flows and is an academy award quality performance.

    Every time I see Crapbama talking on TV, I can’t help visualizing him being extracted from the Bait Car spewing, “It’s not my fault…Clapper (insert name) made me do it…I wouldn’t lie. I think he is exhibiting, an award winning performance (great practice) the black street culture of lying to the authorities…in Liarbama’s case, it’s to the citizens.