Ten Muslims against ISIS 5

In conformity with the Islamic doctrine of taqqiya (which means “lying for the benefit of Islam”), the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) called on “moderate” Muslims in the US to protest against IS/ISIS/ISIL.

A protest rally would “prove” that not all Muslims want to bring the world under sharia law by means of war and violent intimidation.

In response, ten Muslims massed in Washington, D.C.

(Video from Answering Muslims.)

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  • liz

    Wow. Ten whole Muslims. Better mark this day on our calendars.


      And according to these people’s own guiding “Law Book,” the Quran, their sentiments are not aligned at all with Islam’s tenets….convervsion of the Infidel, or murder him where he stands…Rinse and repeat.

      In polite society, they are called “Hypocrites!”

      • liz

        Right. What a dilemma – either obey your religion and become human scum (to put it mildly), or ignore it, and be a lying hypocrite.
        But why would anyone who doesn’t aspire to being a murdering sociopath even want to be associated with the religion that produces them???

        • REALBEING

          They don’t see it, or probably wouldn’t admit it, but they are only an aberration of Islam……a portion of a “splinter group” from original Islam.

  • Don L

    see! LOL