Forced marriage in Kazakhstan 4

The very young and utterly unwilling bride shrieks that she doesn’t want to marry the man, begs to be taken home. She is carried, weeping and protesting, into the man’s house.

These are most probably Sunni Muslims. That is the majority religion in Kazakhstan. Also, forced marriages are common in Islam.

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  • Don L

    I just loved the touch of the old lady tossing the flower petals…oh happy day! There are no unalienable rights in this culture! LOL. Rights are juts plain alien.

    • liz

      If the wedding’s this bad, I can’t even imagine the “honeymoon”.
      I wonder what the suicide rate among women in Kazakhstan is? (Or any Muslim country, for that matter.) Pretty high, I’d imagine. At least among the insufficiently brainwashed.

      • Don L

        Honeymoon? More like the wedding night rape!. Listen to the screams of joy as allah’s mohammedian commands are fulfilled.

        You’re right. suicide is quite high. Don’t remember the % increase. One of the video options, after the presented video plays, actually went into the data.

        Really insane, you may recall from a much earlier post by Jillian, is the incest question. This girl could have been a 1st cousin. These slamists keep breeding themselves dumber and dumber.

        • liz

          Yes, which is the logical explanation for why they are the only people in the 21st century who are hellbent on returning to the Stone Age.
          You have to be extremely stupid to consider such a goal a positive thing.