It’s not terrorism, it’s war 14

European governments cannot think of an effective way to deal with the jihadis in their midst.

Take the case of Sweden. We quote from an article in this month’s issue of Commentary by Annika Hernroth-Rothstein. It is titled A Local Story of Global Jihad:

Sweden has long functioned as a hub for international terrorism and has housed members of international terrorist organizations such as Hamas, the Armed Islamic Group, Al Shabaab, Egypt’s Gamaa al-Islamiyya, and the Islamic State. Because membership in foreign terrorist organizations is not illegal, these operatives have largely been left alone.

In some cases, the Swedish government has gone out of its way to help them. In 2002, Swedish jihadist Mehdi Mohammad Ghezali was captured in Afghanistan by American forces. Deemed an enemy combatant, he was incarcerated at Guantánamo Bay. Stockholm immediately launched a campaign to release Ghezali, and in 2004 he was let out. Five years later, he was arrested in Pakistan for collaborating with the Islamic State.

While other European countries have broadened their anti-terrorism policies in order to crack down on terrorist propaganda, Sweden has become a safe haven for websites and publishers that specialize in jihadist material. Additionally, Sweden is home to certain mosques that are funded by foreign countries and known to function as recruitment centers for terrorist organizations. On the island of Hisingen, for instance, the Gothenburg Mosque, in Sweden’s second-largest city, is financed by Saudi Arabia. The Islamic Center in Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, is funded and owned by the World Islamic Call Society, an Islamist umbrella organization founded by Muammar Qaddafi. With 60,000 members, it’s the largest mosque in Scandinavia. And the Husby Islamic Center, in the Stockholm suburb, was funded by Qatar. The new mosque to be built in Rinkeby, a suburb of Stockholm, is a Qatari undertaking as well.

But Sweden’s most insidious enabling of jihad is achieved through its generous social-benefits system. According to the latest numbers from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the average immigrant family in Sweden, consisting of two parents and two children, receives $3,135 per month in benefits. What’s more, these funds are exempt from the country’s standard 33 percent income tax. This may not seem like a lot of money compared with the gargantuan sums we often hear about in cases of international terror financing, but it’s more than enough to do great harm. The Swedish Security Service concluded that the money Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly [a suicide bomber who returned from the Middle east and blew himself up on a Stockholm street] and his wife were given in benefits and loans from the Swedish government was used to finance his trips abroad, where he received terrorist training. The family had no other source of income.

Abdaly, Ghezali, and the country’s approximately 200 other potential militants are manifestations of the larger problem of jihad in Europe. There is no shortage of nightmare stories to attest to this ballooning reality. British citizens who received al-Qaeda training in Afghanistan and Pakistan bombed the London subway in 2005. Mehdi Nemmouche, an ISIS member and French national, fought for jihad in Syria before opening fire on innocents at the Jewish Museum in Brussels this past May. The ISIS executioners who recently beheaded American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and British aid workers David Haines and Alan Henning delivered their crazed overtures to human slaughter in native British accents. …

Western leaders are now aggressively pursuing ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but while they chase the bad guys from the edge of town, they risk leaving the door to the house wide open. Above all, it must be remembered that the jihadists’ long-term goal is to strike the West. The war they fight has no borders; the caliphate they seek has no geographic limits.

Europe is slow to connect the dots when they form a discomfiting image. For Sweden, a country that prides itself on the progressive values of openness and inclusivity, the steps necessary to fight a counter-jihad at home are almost too painful to countenance. The Swedish measures now in place amount to a kind of counter-radicalization therapy. … Muslim extremism in faraway lands is a suitable topic for discussion, but addressing the jihadists among us is political kryptonite.

Yet such considerations are meaningless to the jihadists themselves. As Abdaly himself put it: “The Islamic State has lived up to its holy promise; we are here in Europe, and in Sweden. We are a reality, not a fantasy.” In Sweden, Europe’s third-largest contributor to the jihad, we’d do well to take our enemies at their word.

Britain is floundering in a fog of of misdiagnosis just as Sweden is.

We quote from a recent article at Stand for Peace by Sam Westrop:

On September 30, Theresa May, the British Home Secretary, gave a speech at the Conservative Party’s annual conference, in which she outlined the threat posed to Britain by terrorism from abroad and extremism at home.

After giving the customary assurance that the actions of ISIS have no basis in Islam and proffering a quote from the Quran, May boasted of the Government’s record fighting fundamentalism, promised new powers to fight extremist groups and declared her gritty determination to uphold “British values”.

This grandiose speech revealed ambition – albeit mostly May’s own. It did not, however, demonstrate any real progress. The Home Secretary’s effusions were example of a government that has only half-heartedly responded to the problem of extremist ideology. It is a government that likes to talk but fails to act.

The Home Secretary then announced a series of weak measures to be taken in dealing with “extremism” in the organized charities, the media, the internet, schools, prisons, universities.

Sam Westrop rightly concludes:

It appears that the Home Office urgently needs to define “extremism.” This definition should include the smiling Islamist who attends interfaith vigils during the day but propagates anti-Semitism and expresses support for Hamas at night.

Extremism is a dangerous animal, but presently it is being given both the carrot and the stick. As long as we allow the human face of Islamist extremism to subsist, and even flourish, we will continue to churn out radicalized Muslim youth who will choose the Kalashnikov over a university degree. No one claims that the answer to Islamist extremism is easy. The question of extremism, however, is remarkably simple. If only the government would understand.

And the US government, under the leadership of a devotedly pro-Islam president, is trying to pretend that holy warriors are simply breaking US domestic law and need to be tried in civil courts.

We quote from the Guardian:

Irek Hamidullin was arraigned on 12 counts, including providing material support to terrorists, trying to destroy US military aircraft and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction. Half of the charges are punishable by up to life in prison. Attorney general Eric Holder chose not to seek the death penalty …

Hamidullin is the first military detainee from Afghanistan to be brought to the US for trial. His transfer represents the latest attempt by the Obama administration to show that it can use the criminal court system to deal with terror suspects – a move criticized by some Republican lawmakers who believe such cases should be handled by military tribunals.

US officials say Hamidullin is a Russian veteran of the Soviet war in Afghanistan who stayed in the country and joined the Taliban. He was captured in 2009 after an attack on Afghan border police and US soldiers in Khowst province. He had been held at the US Parwan detention facility at Bagram airfield before being brought to the US. … He became affiliated with the Taliban in 2001.

The indictment says Hamidullin commanded three groups of insurgents that attacked Afghan border police at Camp Leyza, one of six locations the Taliban had identified as possible targets. He directed insurgents armed with anti-aircraft machine guns to fire at US military helicopters responding to the attack, the indictment says, and later used a machine gun to shoot at US troops and Afghan border police assessing damage at the battle site.

Those are clearly acts of war. Hamidullin should be tried by a military tribunal.

What Western governments fail to understand is that their countries are not being subjected to “extremism”, or “terrorism”, but war. 

The jihad is indeed global. Jihad means Holy War. Sure, it must be fought in Europe as well as in the Middle East. But it must be recognized as a war everywhere

Even if European governments found a way to stop and punish jihadi violence in their own countries, the war would go on. At present they are all acting ineffectively. Instead of joyfully letting all Muslim citizens who want to go and fight with IS/ISIS/ISIL go, and refuse them re-entry, and deprive them of their citizenship (as Geert Wilders so rightly recommends), they try to persuade them not to go, and if they return they give them “therapy”, as if Islam were nothing but a nervous breakdown in a few gullible individuals.  

It is foolish and dangerous to go on calling every Muslim “holy” warrior a terrorist. It is even more foolish and self-deceiving to call IS/ISIS/ISIL a “terrorist organization”. They are one of the armies of Islam. 

Islam is an ideology of world conquest. It is fighting a war against the non-Muslim world. 

At the same time there are battles within Islam. Sunni versus Shia is a perpetual conflict. IS/ISIS/ISIL – the Islamic State – is Sunni. When Shia Iran becomes a nuclear power – which will be quite soon with Obama’s help – there will be a second Islamic force against the rest of the world, competing with the Islamic State for the victor’s crown.

Of course the Iranian force with its nuclear weapons will be a thousand times stronger than the Islamic State.

Even if  the US-led “coalition ” were to defeat the Islamic State, the war would not stop. It will be kept going  on the streets of Western cities in Sweden, Britain, France, Spain, America, until the nuclear bombs of Iran strike –  first Israel and then anywhere else they choose.

How should it be dealt with? At the very least the West should treat Islamic states as it did the Soviet Union. Our long war with the USSR was called a Cold War, but there were many places where it was hotly fought. Persons in the West who were loyal to the enemy ideology were tolerated for the most part if they did nothing actively to aid the enemy. When they acted to help the enemy at the expense of their own country, they were put to death – as the Rosenbergs were.

That is the precedent for the West to follow in dealing now with the equally abominable ideology and aggressive intent of Islam.

  • liz

    Yes, too bad the Left has destroyed all common sense.
    These barbaric enemies of civilization would have been so easy to deal with, and the nightmare would all be over by now, if we hadn’t been hijacked by the insanity of leftist idiots.
    We’ll see if the Republicans will take back the insane asylum from the inmates and restore the country to sanity. Sweden, on the other hand, is a lost cause.

    • The Burro

      Hello there Liz and Don El # 268!

      First off, it has come to my attention that the kingdom of “Ass” has been getting certain references from various parties in unidentified statements which could be construed as implying the “Ass” world leaves a lot of desire. I will have you advised I have passed this matter to my Internal Affairs Department and regretably, they were involved in having so many affairs they have put said investigation on hold but they are prepared to go to any lengths to preserve the name of the “Ass” world. I suspect we may have been penetrated by Democrats. In recent years so much invasion of said world has taken place by persons known as “Pole-iticians” we are almost out of space, so that the harem has had to be moved to new quarters. Such is the indignity the Asses among us have to endure.

      As the Chief Ass, ie myself The Burro, I have just finished a magnificent investigation into the so-called “standard text” used by such reprehensible institutions as Haaarvard University to explain why the Depression (ie in 1929-1933) occurred. It is written by none other than William Edward Leuchtenburg, a former head of the American Historical Association. Now, shocked as I was by the drivel this fabulously successful individual (dare I say man?) puts out, it appears he has completely lost his mind. So I decided to call him up, given the tome he wrote was titled, “Franklin D. Roosevelt & The New Deal 1932-1940”, a clear sign of mind-loss. As a practicing good person and obviously Socialist, he did not answer his phone.

      So I decided to call a person who much quotes his text – Larry Summers. Now given he has been fired, sorry resigned, from every job he has had, I reckoned he would be very available. No such luck – apparently Mr S has not yet exhausted the trough of gullible lucre.

      I was therefore left with no way of clarifying the grovelling approval of Deluded Mr. L prattled on about. The frustrations of an educated Burro are endless.

      All I will close with on the issue is: I want to have Mr. L write an epitaph for me when I move to the next Socialist utopia in the sky, Burropia. His comments on Deluded completely miss the issue of raised real wages, the devastation of business psychology the stamp collector caused by his war on entrepreneurs, but let’s face it, we all have out shortcomings, now don’t we.

      It was too much for me: I was forced to take to drink. I have a recommendation here: the Beringer Cabernet Sauv. on sale at Safeway for $3.99. It is a breath of fresh boozing. And this brings us to the next issue: a new view of the world embodied in the tome published today 11-11-13 entitled “The Forgotten Depression”.

      I must he-haw, this is one interesting volume. It covers the period 1919 to 1923 and the “Harding Depression” or lack of it. I have read it already and Harding was in many ways the ultimate Austrian follower – refusing to spend and actually slashing government – by 50-65%! It is almost incredible.

      The effects of said efforts are even more astonishing – the economy began a recovery in no time at all and unemployment reached a peak of 11.7% of the workforce (according to Simon Kuznets) or 9.8% or so (according to Christina Romer). These numbers are lower than the Keynesian disasters recently foisted on the public in almost any country. It then fell to 2-3%!

      It looks as if the author, Mr. James Grant, has provided the ultimate Keynesian rebuttal. Fired up by this tome, I naturally wanted to quote it extensively in my intellectual salons between poetry readings. So I called up Mr Grant, and sure enough he came to the telephone and was the personification of good breeding, proper behaviour, and accessibility. He was rather busy, and as the publisher of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, was about to do a publication. Since the entire world hangs on this document, I was forced to limit my discussion to obtaining his permission to quote him and not hold up the huge moves the bond-world makes on his comments. Who knows, an extra five minutes may have caused a collapse of Russia’s bond prices?

      I did manage to ascertain certain discounts on the tome are available, and if they are of sufficient size I will purchase 50 or sixty and distribute them accordingly. To be continued.

      As you pointed out Don El, a touch off topic, but I think well worth sharing. Watch out for that Westrop chappie – he is going places.

      Back to the Beringer!

      The Burro

      P. S. It seems Socialists do not answer their phones, ever!

      • liz

        Yes, they are giving “asses” a bad name. They are an insult to the ass species, actually.
        By the way, I am now fabulously wealthy thanks to your gracious gift of one hundred million (!!!) which Jillian kindly forwarded to me! Thank you very much for the kind gesture.
        I’m sure it will come in handy in our new socialist Utopia.

        • The Burro

          What!!! 100 million? It was 100 trillion – or did Burro Bounteous, head of accounting……….er………..borrow 99 trillion 999 thousand million. Rest assured we are already on his tail………..or did I mean trail? Whatever!

          • liz

            My gosh, your right – it was trillion!
            I was so flabbergasted by the enormity of it all that I lost count….!

            • The Burro

              Don’t worry Liz, so did I. Brother Bounteous did so too, but then he was never very good with figures, except for those of the female persuasion. That is why we put him in charge of accounting – it was either that or turn him loose as a politician – and only the Gods know what we would have unleashed. His spending habits are an inspiration to any profligate in the land – only a Central Banker could give him a run for his money.

      • Don L

        FYI: The key differences between Jackass, Burro, Horse, Hinny, Donkey and Mule. Jackass is the male donkey while burro is a donkey of small size whereas mule is hybrid of male donkey and female horse and is relatively stronger. Hinny is the hybrid of male horse and female donkey and is difficult to obtain.

        Ah, the inconsistency of playing AT victim. Donkey is upsetting and elevating Burro above the negative connotation of jackass generates “Ass” lecturing…tsk, tsk. LOL! And, I knew you’d appear…like commissioner Gordon shining the bat symbol in the night sky.

        I haven’t seen, other than Thunderbird or Boone’s Farm, a $3.99 bottle of wine since 1970. Must be those collectivist price fixing proclamations there in Pelosi Land.

        Harding was great. He truly held to the Constitution. Most folks don’t know about the 1920 depression…also a FED induced tragedy. Yet, the FED was too new so, lesson never learned, they took no action to keep the bubble afloat.

        The standard text? Back in 2007 when I thought I would try to actually learn something about economics, before I discovered Austrian thouight, I got a text book…utils, animal spirits, “we owe the debt to ourselves”, consumption drives expansion…it was dreadful reading and incomprehensible.
        Then I read Ludwig, Murray, Hazlitt and, of course, Hayek and the earth shook. The hoax was revealed and all things were known!

        I’d read Ayn Rand’s “Capitalism: the New Ideal” but it didn’t describe how it actually worked. Austrian economics does.
        When you then read/hear Summers, Rommer, Klugman, Mr L and the other idiots… I want to drill holes in their teeth (shades of the Marathon Man).

        Lately, this Gruber economist has shown up caught speaking the truth…and, one line he uttered is absolutely true: “America’s lack of understanding economics…” It drives me up the wall that 5 republican states also voted for an increase in the minimum wage…Arghhh!!!

        By the way, again, many thanks for nudging me to finally read the Flynn book. The depth of FDR’s lunacy…especially the demented wife…that all would read it.

        Enough…always good to exchange with you! Take care, stay healthy!!!

        • The Burro

          Hello, ello, ello. You trying to interfere with the family names Big D? Better watch out – there be a lot of hoofs about kickin’ up a storm.

          And more besides: I will have you know Hinny is by no means “hard to obtain” but certainly tough to put up with. You see, hinny is a term of endearment in one of the languages I am partial to, named Geordie. This very civilized form of speech is spoken in its purest form on the north banks of the Tyne river typified by Newcastle-upon-Tyners. This group is possibly the most sophisticated collection of rabble-rousing boozers the world has ever seen.

          I will simply state to address a Newcastle female with “hinny” will invite an immediate sexual attack on the level of the male/female Komodo Dragon level (and boy is that something to see) and while “easy to obtain” is very difficult to tolerate beyond an infinitesimally short time period.

          And on that note Don EL, I will leave you with the time honoured good-bye of the Geordies:

          Gaannaan kidaa in divvint luk back ya buggarmar.

          The Burro

          P. S. I have some very interesting stuff on The Pee for you which I wrote about earlier but a Discus crash erased it. I will prepare it for your edification this weekend.

          Gorrigan in git sum kipp nuw. Yarreet?

          • Don L

            You’re great! I look forward to The Pee stream of info. (…suffered the disappearance by disqus’t’ myself…too often.)

            Make sure, when at an equine show, that your spouse knows the difference between hinny and heinie when telling her that the girl over there has a nice one!


      Destroyed all common sense??? LOL!! Not yet, they haven’t! Thats why good and intelligent folks come to websites like this, to link up and defeat the defeaters..with common sense!

      If the Left doesn’t know what it is, or looks like, they cannot destroy it! And if they do know what it looks like, they know that using it will defeat their agendas, so they refuse to incorporate it!

      The proof of my above statement is that anytime they are confronted with the ill-logic behind their policies, they haven’t an answer, so they turn to the only “answer” they have……….. “Racist!” (or) “Sexist!”

      In the past, this has worked well against most of their enemies, the typical “Rino” who is just as afraid of his shadow as he is of these Leftys.

      If you want to talk about people on a mission to single-handedly destroy reason and good faith in common sense, I’ll give that to them, but thats all!


    I’m not the least bit surprised by Sweden. These mongrels sold steel and machined parts to the Third Reich during the Second World War, not to mention the fact that they also allowed Germany to use their rail lines for weapons delivery.

    Sometimes its better to fight for life, but no one ever told this to Sweden…….

    And most of Europe is the perennial “hand-wringing, old woman” waiting for something to happen.

    Hopefully, we can turn this country from this probably inevitable end, thanks to Barack O.

    I say “probably inevitable” because most Americans don’t vote, and couldn’t care less about the world stance of a once great land we Conservatives still love……..

    • Don L

      Hi REALBEING. This is off the current topic. A few posts back, you made a comment about something like…Had we a president like Obama during WW II…

      Well, in fact we did. I highly recommend “The Roosevelt Myth” by John T. Flynn. You’d find they are nearly twins. It really is an eye-opener…even for a guy like me that already knew Roosevelt was a lousy president. Before you go into FDR defending freedom…read his real motives. He couldn’t have cared less.

      And, I just came across this FDR vis a vis Obama comparison by the author Burton Folsom Jr:


        Thanks for the book tip, Don. I don’t ever remember speaking well of F.D.R. From what I do know of him, he was a huge Liberal like Wilson.

        • Don L

          Sorry, I did not mean to imply you said anything good, or bad, about FDR. I can’t find the comment you made…it was strictly about Obama and the comment was about what WWII would have been like if we had a scum bag like him back then. And, my thought is that we did have a scum bag like him. my apologies for any confusion.

          And, Wilson bios are my next subject…he gave us the FED, income taxes and the crushing of the final check and balance on central power with the 17th amendment. Oh…and WW I and the setup for a WW II. Eh…I might do Teddy Roosevelt first…he gave us Wilson.