The sheriff’s tale 7

Sheriff Scott Jones of Sacramento County, California, sends a sensible, temperate, but urgently important video message to President Obama about immigration reform:

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  • liz

    Here’s the thing – he’s speaking to Obama as if he actually gives a damn about any of these concerns. Hello???


      And what exactly would a sheriff know about danger, law-breaking, enforcement, or the law that he has sworn to uphold?

      In Maricopa County, sheriff Arpaio has sued Obama for usurping his sworn duty to uphold valid, written immigration law. Too little, too late, too sorry……..It seems that the really important things we need are overlooked.

      • liz

        Right – they sued him for not enforcing the law, and he sued them for trying to enforce it.
        He intentionally sabotaged it, and then he has the gall to call it a “broken” system.

        • REALBEING

          The only thing that is “broken” in our immigration system is that those entrusted to make certain that the enforcement of this law is meted out, will NOT, simply because they don’t like the present law!!!

          I am for immigration, but ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS NOT IMMIGRATION, in the proper sense of the word!!
          The present law does not allow for illegals to come across our border at their own private discretion.

          This would be a dangerous twist to implement into any re-written law. The country would be at the mercy of ANYONE, as it presently is for lack of enforcement!

          I’ve a question for these ignorant, bleeding hearts; Do you leave the doors of your home open all night, allowing any, and all strangers to come in?

          Do you allow these folks to make themselves at home? Could they use your refrigerator, your bed, your finances, your car?

          America is MY home, and your home, as well as many other honest, upright citizens who never broke a Federal law, misdemeanor or felony!

          Why treat this home called America as if it wasn’t fit to being called a home, but more fit to be called a “flophouse?”

          • liz

            Good analogy. It also applies well to the president himself. It’s like hiring a caretaker for your house, and coming back to find that they’ve ransacked it, vandalized it, and turned it into a meth factory, flophouse, and radical organizer headquarters! But you can’t kick him out because he stole the title to it.
            He is every bit as guilty as that, except on a national scale.

            • REALBEING

              His lack of “housekeeping” speaks volumes to what his agenda must be. Is he a proper steward of our Constitution? HAH! A wolf in sheep’s clothing, more than a steward!

              Obama claims to be a Constitutional scholar. I fail to observe any semblance of one in his actions!

              Isn’t it funny how not one person in any of the classes at Columbia or Harvard ever remember Obama being there??
              College transcripts, anyone??

            • liz

              Yes, I doubt he studied much besides “chooming”.