Dawkins disproves design 2

The last argument for the existence of a creator god is that the material universe is intelligently designed.

Richard Dawkins demonstrates that it isn’t, in this fascinating video from November 2013.

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  • A.Alexander

    Intel design is the subtle substitution of creationism that is the real content of the christian tales.All possible finds of ID means just some track of incomprehensible process that a deist may explain as some creator can do.But this creator has nothing in common with the Bible god.The Church will be happy to sell some ID results for the Bible creation results.

  • liz

    Great demonstration of undeniable evidence!
    Remarkable that this dissection hadn’t been done since the 1800’s.
    With a majority of the world’s population more preoccupied with defending religion than with advancing science for so many centuries, it’s not surprising.
    I’d guess that scientific progress up to this point has likely been cut in half.