Sharia versus political correctness 2

In America, owners of businesses are punished for refusing their services to gays and lesbians on grounds of religious – that is to say, Christian – objection to homosexuality. (See here and here and here.)

For atheists no such difficulty can arise. Which shows how being without religion can be materially profitable.

We think everyone should be free to provide his services or refuse to provide them to anyone for any reason, or even on a mere whim.

It is the Left that believes in compulsion, and especially in compelling people to do what it ordains is politically correct.

Yet it also believes in letting Muslims do anything they want.

The Left and Islam can only be very uncomfortable bedfellows. There is likely to be an outbreak of domestic violence between them sooner or later.

Meanwhile, we can enjoy a degree of Schadenfreude when their respective ideologies chafe each other.

This is from Liberty Unyielding, by Howard Portnoy:

A lesbian walks into a Muslim barbershop, and asks for a “businessmen’s haircut”.

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it really happened …

In Canada, in November 2012.

Faith McGregor is the lesbian who doesn’t like the girly cuts that they do at a salon. She wants the boy’s hairdo.

Omar Mahrouk is the owner of the Terminal Barber Shop in Toronto. He follows Sharia law … He [doesn’t] believe in touching women other than [his] own wives. …

So he refused to serve her. Who was in the right?

This question is a real head scratcher in Canada, which passed a Multiculturalism Act in 1988, paving the way for an influx of immigrants with medieval attitudes toward second-class citizens (read: women and gays). Faith McGregor belongs to both groups.

Pity the lefties who have to face this awful dilemma. Portnoy asks them: “which is better (in the sense of who trumps whom), a lesbian who wants a haircut or a Muslim who doesn’t want to give it to her”?


(Hat-tip our Facebook commenter Libby Lael)

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  • Don L

    LOL. What a great story.

    On a tangential note…private property is the bedrock of freedom. America specific, the sole purpose for instituting government is to secure unalienable rights which includes the notion that wahat is yours is yours and as long as you aren’t denying another from their rights, government has no business being involved.

    If you start a business, (as the Founder’s Constitution guranteed) it is yours and if you don’t want to serve somenone, for whatever reason, including race, religion, attitude, appearance, smoking, food & beverage choice or whatever, it is your unalienable right. No one has a right to have you serve them. Making you perform is absolutely unconstitutional. Nevertheless, oath-breaking justices, politicians and the SHOULD indoctrinated elitist stooges and 47%-mass-of-moochers have no problem usurping your rights to your property for their benefit.

    Ah, I can hear the SHOULD crowd now, “Denying someone your service because of race is immoral.”. It may be, but it is your unalienable perogative. And, if enough people are offended, they won’t shop at your store, buy your product or use your service. This opens up an opportunity for another to satisfy that consumer want and need. The free market does more to equalize social values than a government employing Constitution-abrogating, rights-robbing, resentment-creating, solely-for-political-power-entrenching force.

    As to the situation in the article…First, I would have already have deported non-American born muslims, naturalized or not, and closed every mosque: a republic security measure. The conflict would not have come about. Any and all business owners have the right to do business with whom ever they want. Any and all consumers have the right to buy from whom ever they want. Only government owned facilities must serve all: excepting those who exhibit violent or obvious iinappropriate behavior/appearance.

  • liz

    Interesting question! Both leftists and Muslims have the ultimate goal of totalitarian control, and that cannot be shared. In the end, one will destroy the other, unless we destroy them both first.