Daring to speak the truth 1

Here’s Pat Condell again – as usual saying what few others dare to say.

This time he talks about Muslim anti-Semitism and how Europe is indifferent to it: truths that admirably offend multitudes of Muslims and Europeans.

He also accurately aims a dart at “progressive” Jews who madly cheer on their enemies.


(Hat-tip to our reader Stephen Stern)

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  • liz

    My sound wasn’t working when you first posted this – finally got to hear it.
    So excellent, not least because it’s so true.
    It’s Muslim anti-Semitism that’s rising, not just anti-Semitism in general.
    One of the most despicable things about these scum, as he points out, is that they pose as the victims – the “new Jews” , while labeling the Jews as Nazis, when its exactly the opposite. Muslims are the “new” (actually the original) Nazis.
    Their leftist supporters like to draw an equivalence between Islam and Christianity.
    But Christian anti-Semitism, for the most part, died with Hitler, whereas Muslim anti-Semitism grew into a many headed hydra after Hitler was destroyed.