The giggling dictator 6

Jonathan Tepperman, Managing Editor of Foreign Affairs, reports on his interview with Bashar Assad. Fascinating!

The best comes near the end.

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  • Don L

    How do any of these low life scum stay in power…the answer is 500 years old.

    “The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude” by Etienne de la Boetie (FREE: )

    “States are more vulnerable than people think. They can collapse in an instant—when consent is withdrawn.”

    • liz

      Thanks – downloaded that, looking forward to reading it!

      • Don L

        de nada!

  • liz

    He may well be a monster, but if he is defending secularism from Islamism, which would be worse, we should have backed him, not the islamists, I would think?

    • A reasonable case could be made that backing Assad, Mubarak, and even Qaddafi would have made more sense than helping terrorist organizations to topple them. It was particularly the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama wanted to help into power – in Egypt to start with. Verily, we have an enemy ruling over us!

      • liz

        Yes, and he seems equally determined to make sure the Iranians get their nukes.