In the race for the White House: the insipid versus the unscrupulous? 6

The Tea Party is pleased with the results of a Drudge poll that favors Scott Walker to be the Republican Party presidential candidate:

With all the caveats about this being a non-scientific online poll, it has to mean something that Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker is murdering every other GOP contender by massive margins among those Drudge readers motivated enough to vote. Although voting continues, as of this writing nearly 70,000 total votes have been cast. Walker captured a whopping 45% of them, 31,211 votes. Texas Senator Ted Cruz is in second place with 15%, 10,054  votes. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is in third with 13%, 9297 votes.

Dr. Ben Carson came 4th with 8%. “Establishment favorites Jeb Bush and Chris Christie sit at 5% and 2%, respectively.”

But Jonah Goldberg thinks that Scott Walker is not so much wanted for what he is as for what he isn’t. In other words, he’s the candidate nobody objects to.

He writes at Townhall:

Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor in America, not because it is the best … but because it is the least objectionable. Put another way, vanilla is the most acceptable to the most people; it’s not many people’s favorite, but nobody hates it.

And that’s why Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is the vanilla candidate.

A new Des Moines Register poll has Walker in first place – narrowly – among likely Republican caucus-goers. With Mitt Romney included in the poll [but since dropped out of the competition], Walker was the respondents’ first choice with 15 percentage points. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul was second with 14 percentage points and Romney third with 13. With Romney out, Walker rose to 16 percentage points and Paul to 15. First place in a tightly packed field is better than any of the alternatives, but it’s not that big a deal this far out.

The big deal is the vanilla factor (which sounds like a terribly boring spy novel). According to the Register story that accompanied the poll, 51 percent of caucus-goers want an “anti-establishment candidate without a lot of ties to Washington or Wall Street who would change the way things are done and challenge conventional thinking”. Meanwhile, 43 percent prefer a more establishment figure “with executive experience who understands business and how to execute ideas”.

Walker is in the golden spot. He can, like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day listening to Andie MacDowell explain the perfect man, reply “that’s me” to almost everything Republicans say they want. Executive experience? Challenge conventional thinking? Anti-establishment fighter? “Me, me, me.”

Respondents looking for an establishment candidate said Romney was their first choice. Those preferring an outsider said Paul was their first choice. But both groups said their second choice was a big scoop of Walker.

Of course, this can all change. No matter how palatable it is, people can still grow weary of vanilla, and Walker may melt under the pressure. …

Walker won three  elections in four years, “in liberal Wisconsin!”, so Jonah Goldberg thinks it unlikely that he’ll “melt”.

Our question is: What are the chances that a “vanilla candidate”will  succeed against an unscrupulous candidate with all the ill winds of the Left behind her leathery wings, like Whatshername?

It seems John Bolton is considering entering the race. Now there’s a man we could support. If not President, he’d make a great Secretary of State; he understands foreign affairs and America’s role in the world better than anyone else within the circle of the political horizon.

We also like Ted Cruz, a political heavyweight. We agree with much that we’ve heard him say about most issues – barring religion, of course.

We know that some of our readers disagree with us about Ted Cruz.

We hope our readers will tell us whom they favor at this point, and why.

  • Don L

    I likes banella. Me tinks banella tased belly belly good!

    I like Gov Kasich of Ohio too

    I even like Carly Fiorina. My problem with those coming out of private enterprise, they, most, don’t actually understand free market capitalism and they don’t understand that bureaucrats don’t function like for-profit managers and workers. That being said, I think she’s a tough cookie, not a raving born again and would certainly draw and would draw many from the left given the glass celing ravings.

    Rand Paul…I await some debates to see his final statement on Iran. But as I said previously: Obama will have delivered Iran the bomb before the 2016 election anyway.

    Huckabee…oh man. This idiot made comments the other day about how homosexuals can change if they wanted too. But, that he only receives a low % of votes across the spectrum (higher in religious pockets) suggests that religion is low priority (if not becoming a dead weight) on the upcoming campaign.

    Then there is you know who? And you know I can’t resist:


    Yes..At this time I am in favor of a Scott Walker in the Oval Office. As for the illegal immigrant problem according to CBS News (GROAN!) he is NOT in favor of amnesty.

    We’ll pay attention to how this concern pans out.

    On Common Core, hes been a little “wavy” at times in the recent past, but FOX News ran this story on Jan.17th quoting Walker as stating…

    “I’m all for high standards. Wisconsin has some of the highest standards on its own. I just believe the standards should be set by people within the state and not outside the state. They should ultimately be set at the local level,” said Walker in the Green Bay area on Thursday.

    Walker is calling on the (Wisconsin) state legislature to create new standards that would take the common core’s place.”

    Here, he sounds like a “states rights” kind of guy. This tendency, if implemented in a consistent manner in the Oval Office, would be most refreshing to me.

    So one thing more to watch with this man is whether or not he has a tendency to stick to his “guns” on ALL of the important issues, or whether he waffles, flip-flops, and “chameleons” like a normal American politician.

    To get someone special at the ‘helm’ of this country at this time in our history with a Republican Congress would be game-changing, at least for hopefully 8 years.

    • Thanks for putting the record straight, REALBEING. The articles you link us to are corrective.

      I too deplore the erosion of states’ rights.

      What do you know of Walker’s views on foreign affairs? ISIS? Iran? Ukraine?


        Walker appears to be a mostly direct, straight-forward looking and acting individual, from what I’ve read of him. He seems to want a much more confrontational dealing with the likes of ISIS, Boko Haram, etc.

        The Liberal rag “The Atlantic” rants on and on about Walker’s blustery and feisty “boots on the ground in Syria” type of position if he becomes President.

        To my observations, its plain to see that either the writer is afraid of this man’s energy and potential, or he is accustomed to being ‘flat-footed” and “distant” to vital issues such as these fundamentalist Islamic terror attacks on the innocent, much like Barack H. Obama.

        The key to Walker’s foreign policies I believe would be the people he installs in the State Department and who he picks for his advisers. Hopefully, unlike Obama, he’ll choose intelligent, and low-maintenance folks much like himself.

        From my take-away, I would call him an “up or down” guy, choosing to sit on the fence only long enough to gather the information offered by the entire picture, and then act in the best interests of the situation.

        His talk of “boots on the ground” makes me think that he has the graveness of the present world situation in his mind…

  • liz

    What I really like about Scott Walker is what he’s done as governor of Wisconsin so far – stood up to the unions, etc, and improved their economy. He’s proven that his approach works, and that he won’t cave to the attacks of the left.
    But I’ve also heard that he favors amnesty and Common Core, so I don’t know.
    I still like Cruz. Carson has the race advantage, but he’s way too christiany.
    Is Paul for ending the Fed, etc, like his dad?

    • I like those things about Scott Walker too, liz.

      Rand Paul wants to have the Fed audited, it seems. But I can’t find anything he’s said about wanting it ended.