Debunking the “fine-tuning” argument for the existence of a creator god 7

Fun to watch.

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  • Udaybhanu Chitrakar

    Fine tuning argument is not
    actually required for proving the existence of God, because it can also be
    proved even if there is no fine-tuning. For this please see the link below:

    • Thank you, Udaybhanu Chitrakar, for your interest in the post and your comment.

      My immediate impression of the article you link us to was that it didn’t make sense. But I am not a scientist, I know that much in science is counter-intuitive, so I knew I could be wrong. So I sent it to a Harvard physicist, asking him if it made sense, and here is his reply in full:

      “It doesn’t really make sense, no. It is true that there is no physically meaningful notion of an absolute present; that said, something occurring ‘outside time’ isn’t meaningful.

      The light isn’t all absorbed when it hits the earth: clearly some is reflected. But it is possible that ‘most’ is absorbed.”

      So as a “proof of the existence of God”, it fails, as all “proofs” have always failed.

  • A.Alexander

    Fine tuning: every creature who asks this in it`s own universe gets the answer adjusted to the creature`s peculiarities.Even the physicists not always understand this.But the main source of the falsifications is the mixture of the Evangelical not far of soft ,human,moral god with the anonyomus eternal Universe creator with some unknown purposes.The Church hopes to inspire Christ by inspiring some Theist anonoymus.


    Great video! I’m so tired of debating these closed-down folks on this subject! I told someone the other day that I cannot change his mind. I stated that he will need to study this subject from both sides of the debate without his bias this time and make up his own mind strictly from the facts and the lack of them, not injecting his emotion.

    I know for a fact that bias will slip in when you’re testing science against dogma, IF you have an agenda to redeem your beliefs. Fear, guilt, and security always play a role in this bias.

    When I was a practicing Christian, it was inevitable that I would interject my bias! Its a normal occurrence that takes extraordinary resolve to examine carefully the points without it’s interference.

    • liz

      Yes, same in my experience, also. It took years to overcome the bias and begin to think objectively. A lifetime of conditioning is very hard to penetrate with facts.

  • liz

    Yep, that’s really a good one! Lots of good info and arguments packed in there.

  • Don L

    Superb!!! Thank You!!!