A man who wouldn’t want to go to heaven 6

Stephen Fry (fellow atheist) is urged by Gay Byrne to entertain the idea of an omnipotent, good, creator God, and speak to him at the gates of heaven.

So he tells the imaginary being, in blistering terms, that he is a monster of evil.


(Hat-tip to our reader and commenter Frank)



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  • Don L

    It has always been my contention that atheism qua atheism is the result of thought. The application of logic, rationality, reason, objectivity…thinking inevitably results in the conclusion that god(s) cannot and do not exist, that selfless/altruistic dogma is irrational and self-defeating and that political-economic policies that mimic religious (in actuality or as a ploy) principles (government according to what SHOULD be) have and will always notoriously and tragically fail.

    Mr Stephen Fry’s video presents great lines and observations that bring smiles to atheists. But, Mr Fry is not an atheist by the vehicle of thought. Rather he rejects the singular god of popular religions because of homosexual persecution; Mr Fry is a both a notoriuos homosexual and socialist. Evidence he is nonthinking. True atheism and socialism are mutually exclusive!

    Mr. Fry rejects a single god but accepts twelve or more greek gods. Why? Because, in his desire for approval, the greek gods accept those with different ‘appetites’ (spoken with a wink, grin and nod) as equals. Long-to-short, Mr. Fry arrives at atheism because of the mainstream religions’ ongoing rejection of those with genetic defects who exhibit a specie abnormal sexual ‘appetite’.

    His observations, thererafter, about the insanity of accepting a god that allows/creates horrors is spot on: god works in mysterious ways…LOL. And yet, had Mr. Fry arrived at atheism by thought processes, then he could/would not possibly accept socialism, and its virtually exact same collectivist dogma that a god demands, as a valid political ideology. I leave it to the reader to verify, Mr. Fry is the UK version of America’s Michael Moore: both are popularized ignorant fools.

    • You’re right.

      But I enjoyed his giving “God” a right dressing-down – as they say in old Blighty.

      • Don L

        Bob’s your uncle; Nellie’s your aunt…it was an absolutely wonderful dressing-down!!!

    • Don L


      I have argued, and posted, for many years, since the topic first reared it’s head (no pun intended here) that homosexuals have no right to the word marriage. I have never come across anyone else arguing similarly. My objection is limited to the definition of the word marriage as it has been defined for thousands of years; across all cultures and languages. I’m angered that, they stole the word gay. What’s gay about those images? On the other hand, it was done by time…not by political court ruling.

      Dr. Ben Carson, a current probable candidate for president in the 2016 campaign, began his arguments against gay marriage applying “sacred” religious principles. Currently, however, he has begun to use the idea I have suggested: No court has the right to alter word definitions. Equality of rights is not tied to the definition of a word.

      Civil union, homusband & Homife…they can carry the equivalent legal rights as marriage and husband & wife…Or whatever words they want to create. Genetic defects, it is not my intent to be invidious, but to present fact, are as with all human beings in America, equal before the law…PERIOD!!!

      Those with genetic defects do not have a right to the definitions of the words in the english language. Election after election, irrespective of underlying reason, voters have rejected gay marriage. Poll after poll, however, shows want gays to have equivalent rights as marriage just not the use of the word.

      People are not equal. A person born with Down’s Syndrome will never be a Stephen Hawking. A person born with a genetic specie defect, homosexuality or transgenerism, will never be a heterosexual and no law can make it so!

    • liz

      Yes, Mr. Frye seems to be channeling Oscar Wilde. And apparently he’s also bi-polar and suicidal. Of course socialist – he’s British, after all!
      I like the idea that “true atheism and socialism are mutually exclusive”. They should be, just as atheism and religion are. Since socialism is secularized Christianity, atheists should be able to see through its altruistic pretenses. But, as you point out, many atheists don’t arrive at atheism through rational thought processes, so they don’t apply it to politics, either.

  • liz

    That’s a great answer, and well put! (Also love the way these guys talk – without rudely interrupting each other. Must be a British thing!)