Corruption unlimited 2

More chicanery in the sleazy Clintonworld:

Posted under Ethics, United States by Jillian Becker on Friday, March 6, 2015

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  • liz

    Very interesting. So the tactic of using the IRS for harassment and intimidation was already being used by the Clinton’s – Obama just took it to the next level.
    It’s mind boggling what these utterly corrupt scumbags are able to get by with, right under everyone’s noses. Not just once, and then skip town – no, they get re-elected!
    It makes me wonder if it’s even possible for an honest politician (if there were such a creature) to function or survive within the corrupt system our government has become.

  • Don L

    Very good. I’d love to see an updated version…private email servers and all.

    Speaking of which, it appears even the mainstream media is throwing Hillary under the bus. Whoops, Krauthammer says they can’t…not enough room. They’ll need a second bus. What worries me is that this Elizabeth Warren will garner the Hillary devotees and run.

    If Warren runs, Repubs are not suited to do battle with her. She is total government according to SHOULD driven and has the mass emothional appeal economic speak down pat…as absurd, impossible and ruinous as it is. It is, however, what the progressive compulsory schooling has foisted on America and the Repubs, other than Rand Paul, accept it too. It’s government entrenchment central planning dribble: “I have a plan to put X number to work”…Like hell they do.

    Warren will go off on the same theme as Obama, “You didn’t build it” and tyhe rpubs will stammer and merely do an , “Oh yeah?”. Thay do not understand real economics (Free market capitalism) and have no defense. They are unarmed.

    Hillary can be beaten. Hiopefully she’ll do her dirty deeds to keep her appointment with history and reamin the dem candidate.

    I had not seen this video before and did not know a lot about the circumsatnces behind many of the events I did live through. Again, I hope for a remake with update.