Who remembers freedom? 5

Yesterday (March 9, 2015), on Fox TV, Charles Krauthammer pointed out to Bill O’Reilly that the Left now has control of almost all the institutions that shape our culture. He is right.

The chief disseminators of ideas – the universities, the entertainment industry, and almost all the press and TV news media – accept and propound Leftist values and aims almost as naturally and unquestioningly as we breathe air. The only exceptions, as Krauthammer pointed out, are Fox News, “three pages of the Wall Street Journal”, and talk radio. Of course the intolerant dictatorship of the Left wants to silence them. The Left brooks no dissent.

Generation after generation is growing up and becoming the workers and welfare-dependents, the rulers and bureaucrats, the parents and teachers, the writers and preachers of what used to be the free world, convinced to a man and woman – and every one of the other 70-plus genders now compulsorily recognized by the Left – that there is such a thing as “social justice”, that it is supremely desirable, and that it can be attained by government controlling the economy, pretending to control the climate, and tightly regulating how and where and for how long people live their lives.

Leftists really do believe that their dogma is “the truth”, and the only good. Just like religions. Which is why we say that the creed of Leftism, though it does without a traditional divinity, is a religion. It has a god of sorts in History, which it holds to be the uber-director of our destiny, warning us, like the Borg in Star Trek: “Resistance is futile.”

Those of us who still cling to the quaint old-fashioned notion that individuals should be free to live and think and act as they choose, and that their freedom should be protected by the rule of objective law, are a fast diminishing minority. Our own descendants will consider us cranks.

America was founded on the idea of individual freedom protected by the rule of law. Because its people were safe and free, they made the United States the mightiest and the most prosperous country of all time.

It was good while it lasted.

  • Don L

    In the late 19th century, the Fabians, progressives…by any name…the socialist religion realized that in America revolution was not a viable strategy for taking control. They elected a longer term ‘evolution’ strategy. And, the first goal was to eradicate the then predominat private education practice and impose compulsory schooling. The result is as Krauthammer stated: “…the Left now has control of almost all the institutions that shape our culture.”.

    The discussion between O’Reilly and Krauthammer came about over the latest ratings report: FOX cable was found to be the most trusted media and most watch by a staggering margin over all other media (cable, broadcast, internet). Further, they discussed that liberal books and magazines have all failed and are failing. And, that conservative radio rules as leftist radio has virtually no audience. Now, O’Reilly and Charles claimed this conservative communication advantage was only because of ‘entertainment’ values; leftist are too lecturing ansd stern [like a preacher in the pulpit perhaps?].

    I disagree. Certainly entertainment is important but I believe the conservative media/communication advantage relates to the same reason evolution was elected over revolution. Not so much anymore, but Americans, including many lefttians, still respond to obvious bad rules with, “It’s a free country”: Land of the Free and home of the Brave.

    The left, like religion, dupes people into their web. Emotional appeals such as gender equality, income equality, social justice, fair share, from the bottom up and the middle out (?), it takes a village and other heart string word imagery-based propaganda. Simultaneously, obfuscate, misinform and miseducate true solutions to the real reasons for human suffering and to the real solutions. What the left has not been successful at is quashing the freedom idea. They have, however, managed to continually amend the perception of what freedom looks & feels like: IRS weaponized with little to no outrage.

    Long-to-short, human suffering is invariably the result of government intervention in the lives of people for the government’s benefit. The solution is, of course, a limited government operating at the behest of the governed. This was the uniquely American principle implemented by our Founders. The conservative media succeeds because it partially relates to the call for freedom but fails because it does not present solutions. And, the solution is economic policy. Specifically, free market capitalism as embodied in the Austrian School of economics. It is the ONLY school of thought that mirrors the Founding principles.

    Today’s mainstreasm economics is not economics at all. There are many schools and all are merely theories of government central planning of the economy. They are incomplete, incomprehensible, contradictory and all have failed, and are failing, in practice. Only the Austrian economists have been proven correct time after time over the past 100+ years…yet, they are ignored and belittled (never refuted) because they do not support or defend central planning.

    The only one on FOX even close to free market capitalism is Stossel. He, however, is a follower of the Public Choice school. Close but no cigar. He still sees benefit in the FED’s monetary control. The remainder of the FOX folk, including on their business network side, are, to one degree or another, fascistic central planners masquerading as free market believers…they don’t know they don’t know: products of the evolved compulsory schools.

    Many years ago, before I found this site, I had a website: Tea Party Economics. I sent off a DVD of booklets and pamphlets about Austrian economics to the anchors and talking heads at FOX…about 40 pieces. The challenge was to just find one that would take the time to learn. I referenced the “Peter Schiif Was Right” Utube video; wherein FOX was exposed as being really offensive/ill informed about economics. (Health issues and the Tea Party being taken over by the born agains…I abandoned the site.)

    It offends me when Hannity has a Jerry Springer on who rants and raves that free market capitalism can’t support full employment and Hannity says nothing. Springer is totally wrong. It is government intervention in contracts, wage rates, regulations, et cetera that limit, institutionalize, unemployment. It is government manipulating the definition of indices (useless bogus idea to begin with) that hide the truth about unemployment. And, Hannity neverr took the time to learn. Candidly, I didn’t think the FOX folk would bother themselves…they are ahead in ratings remaining stupid.

    Our only hope of turning the tide against the left is exposing true capitalism. The Austrian School is getting more and more press so hope exists. If you’re interested (I know the regulars here already know), check these free pamphlets and booklets out:

    “Why Austrian Economics Matters” by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. –http://mises.org/sites/default/files/why_ae.pdf

    “What is Austrian Economics?” –http://mises.org/sites/default/files/what%20is%20austrian%20economics.pdf

    “Economic Policy: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow” by Ludwig von Mises — http://mises.org/library/economic-policy-thoughts-today-and-tomorrow

    “Liberty and Property” by Ludwig von Mises — http://mises.org/library/liberty-and-property

    “Economics In One Lesson” by Henry Hazlitt — http://mises.org/document/6785/Economics-in-One-Lesson

    “Essentials of Economics: A Brief Survey of Principles and Policies” by Faustino Ballvé — http://mises.org/document/3446/Essentials-of-Economics

    Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure” by Murray N.Rothbard — http://mises.org/library/economic-depressions-their-cause-and-cure-0

    “The Case Against the Fed” by Murray N. Rothbard –http://mises.org/library/case-against-fed-0

    • You are right. The Austrian School is right. But the Left has won. The “self-annointed” (as Thomas Sowell calls them) – the ruling Leftist elite – do not care for a prosperous society. (They themselves will always find ways to live in luxury, like the Soviet Nomenklatura.) They want power. They put out the Hallmark Card Sentimentalities – weepies for the “poor”, for the “underdog”, for the “oppressed”- that sell themselves to the masses as the wizards who will solve all their problems, cure all their ills, alleviate all their sufferings. They even invent new terrors – such as man-made global warming – that they alone can save the helpless masses from. The Founders, and the Austrian economists, and you, Don L – and even I – knew or know what could be done to save America and the West in general from terminal decline, but all the caution and foresight of the Founders, all the explanations and principles of the free market economists, even the perpetual and immensely strong instinct of everyman to do the best he can for him and his, and all the lessons of history that demonstrate appallingly and incontrovertibly that Socialism does not and cannot work, will make no difference now. It’s too late. There is a Leftist orthodoxy being imposed. Its high priests are totalitarian by inclination and have acquired the power to be so in practice. The only power that will oppose theirs is Islam. I won’t be around to see who wins when those two religions clash. The Lefties will have the technological legacy of freedom’s inventors on their side. They’ll put their faith in drones while they loll about in their pajamas sipping their cocoa. But the Islamic savages have religious fanaticism, a cult of death, and absolute absence of scruple, conscience, or squeamishness on their side. Looking at the possibilities from here, my money would be on the savages.

      Only thing is, no prediction ever comes quite true. Things happen. The unforeseen intervenes. But the unforeseen can bring a worse outcome rather than a better. Two among us here at TAC are strong optimists, and tell me and my fellow pessimists that we are really being far too gloomy. I hope they’re right.

      • liz

        I’m sure you’d be happy to be proven wrong, but I have to say I join you in your pessimism. We’ve seen the left’s plan of taking over through the institutions unfold before our eyes, like a bad dream, for the past 100 years, and no one has stopped them yet. It seems to have been a losing battle.
        Even now that the left is becoming a grotesque joke in the extreme absurdity of its ridiculous pretenses (62 or whatever genders?), even that doesn’t seem to matter.
        I keep hoping that enough people will finally reach a breaking point that the tide will turn, but we’ve already reached the tipping point of enough people voting themselves government “cheese” to counter that.
        As Don says, the Austrian School – but how can you possibly expect people who can’t even pass basic high school math or English (but know all about “social justice”!) to understand economics?

      • Don L

        LOL, LOL…Hey, the all powerful wicked witch of the West was stupid enough to keep buckest of water around the castle…even as she knew what would happen if she got wet. Anything can happen and it can start from the smallest of ideas.

        I’ve mentioned it before…The 1956 Hungarian communist party termed the evolutionary approach the Salami Tactic: very thin slices until the salami is gone. Nobody notices until it’s too late. I believe Nobama violated the Salami tactic. His slices have been too big. The spirit of the Tea Party grows; even as the movement proper founders under theism. The contiuing and growing appeal of FOX and other conservative, even though it isn’t all our version, messaging gives hope.

        As to Austrian econ…Ron Paul lit a small fire that is growing. I know I’ve turned many. many folk on to it…they spread it. But even if not Austrian, more and more are atleast waking to the idea that government does not work. And, the left is already beginning to eat it’s young with youth/millenials seeing the broken promises…seeking answers recognizing government isn’t it. Obamacare was a massive slice of salami that a majority is coming to see as the ultimate outcome of continuing down the path with government.

        Not just Rand Paul, but Rick Perry, Kasick of Ohio, Paul Ryan and other upward pols are spouting Austrian like econ. Rand Paul will probably not win…but his econ messages are being heard. More and more entering office are calling for auditing the FED. State after stae where limited government and taxes have been slashed prove, by comparison, the benefits of limiting government. WI just tossed out unions, for all intents and purposes becuase Walker showed the improved life to be had by doing so…spreading like wildfire.

        I believe the forces to slow and bring the leviathan to its knees is in place. If the left resorts to armed force to stop it…well, Jefferson said a little blood must be shed from time to time. And, I don’t think the likes of an Obam type government will get the troops to fire on other Americans.

        Yeah, I feel the frsutration and sense the pessimism. The 2014 mid terms were encouraging and the post election established GOP behavior was anticipated. Now, If Jeb Bush gets the Repub nomination…so long mama. Not a squick to the gallows as Hillary will get us there, but to the gallows we will go. If Walker or Cruz get the nod…hope is still alive.

        So, I’ll keep up a smile until after the 2016 Pres election…if we lose…then I’m gunna start pretending to be one of ’em and grab all the friggin plunder I can!


        Oh, about the ‘slamists: Back before the black comedian dick gregory became a raving racist commie, he had a joke he’d tell often — “Everybody worries about a war between the Arabs and the Jews. Not to worry. Everyone knows no camel is gunna outrun a Cadillac!”. If 2016 works our way…we have Cadillacs, Rolls Royces, Lexus, Land Rovers, Mercedes, ….And, we won’t need their oill to run them….if it goes our way. If not, I think I’ll apply for an IRS job. LOL.

        • liz

          Here’s a good example of Obama violating the Salami tactic – at the Selma commemoration (which is already a travesty in light of Ferguson), he equated the Civil Rights movement with the gay marriage movement. One of the black Pastors who marched with him called him “a disgrace to the black community” for saying that. They don’t see “Hands up don’t shoot” as the huge slice of Salami that it is, but they do at least see the hijacking of civil rights by (leftist) gays.