No to Iran 6

Senator Tom Cotton explains why there should be no deal with Iran that allows its death-threatening regime to develop nuclear weapons:

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  • Don L


    The head of the Secret Service, in response to a recent snafu concerning a bomb threat at the White House, stated that the president’s safety was never in doubt. Obviuosly…America’s enemies would never think to harm Obama…he’s their greatest asset!

    • liz

      No kidding – that’s the only way to explain why he’s still alive even with incompetent drunks as security guards!

  • Don L

    Between tears of pain and through the woozy of codeine laced Tylenol…affects of a severly torn miniscus…I offer the following observation:

    Recently, on FOX’s O’Reilly Factor, Charles Krauthammer and Bill O’Reilly, discussed this ‘negotiation’ and the same issues discussed by Sen Cotton. O’Reilly went on for quite awhile shaking his head and stating that it’s insanity…repeatedly. Neither Kruthammer nor O’Reilly, however, could arrive at any rational explanation.

    Indeed, O’Reilly has often shook his head over ‘Obamahavior’ and wondered out loud that he just doesn’t understand…he doesn’t get the rational behind the ‘Obamahavior’. Whenever anyone acrtually offers a reason, such as he’s a ‘slam lover, socialist, et ceteras O’Reilly demands proof…as if the Obamahavior and consequences aren’t proof…none so blind as those who will not see.

    Of course, the rational behind Obamahavior is DOMESTIC ENEMY. As a child, Obama has been immersed in hate America indoctrination and conditioning. As an adult his associations and affiliations have been entirely with those who, likewise, hate America. He uses the word “transform”. What he is doing is “DESTROYING”. I wonder just what O’Reilly thinks the idea of DOMESTIC ENEMY means…Uniforms, machine guns and bandoliers of bullets? What, a black kid trained to hate America, who out of knowhere miraculously attains America’s highest office, can’t be an enemy? Exposed to ‘slamism, Obamahavior has been caught umpteen times employing taquiyya…the list of lies are too long to go into here.

    And, does an O’Reilly think a Domestic Enemy as president is going to act as to expose his intentions and be immediately jailed? Of course not. He (Salami Tactic) will take small slices: quietly eliminate the top 200 military officers and replace them with YES men; likewise with intelligence services; outside normal cabinet posts, employ czars to weaponize bureaus to attack enemies; aid and abett America’s enemies behind pretense of a war on terror (announce all your plans); destroy the American economy through Cloward and Piven strategies (Obamacare, open borders & amnesty, etc.); and create division within America — Al Sharpton — are but a few of the slices destroying America.

    I have eMailed the O’Reilly but, alas, my message must offend one of his “don’t be a ____ when eMailing’ tests. Again, evrything about the insanity and irrationality of Obamahaviour is explainable once you overlay the idea…DOMESTIC ENEMY. Jail the SOB!!!


    • Welcome back, Don L.

      As usual, you give us a valuable comment. Defying the miniscus pain and the woozy-making drugs. We appreciate it.

      Your description of Obama’s salami tactics of domestic destruction is strikingly accurate, and useful.

      • Don L

        Thanks very much Jillian.

  • liz

    The facts are very clear and simple. Sen. Cotton states them in a clear and concise manner. Only a complete idiot could fail to see the looming consequences of this deal. But as always, the obvious will be ignored in favor of the more “nuanced” approach favored by our brilliant leaders, namely “bend over and assume the position”.