How Obama is destroying the US military 4

Bill Whittle explains in a Truth Revolt video how the Commander-in-Chief of the US military is rendering it impotent.

We were intensely disheartened and infuriated by what he says. But his message is all too true – and of the utmost importance.

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  • liz

    Yes, and who else but a radical communist with the intention of destroying this country would not only dismantle our military, but pave the way for our worst enemy to obtain nuclear arms?
    Can somebody please explain to me how such a completely insane, preposterous scenario is allowed to take place?
    Never mind, I think Don L just did.
    As we enter the Twilight Zone…


      Obama was brought up to be a Communist, he openly practices Communism, and he will die a good, card-carrying Communist.

      Hopefully when he dies there will be a successful and thriving America in his wake, unlike the one we presently live in….

      • So, REALBEING, you are trusting that America will recover from the harm Obama has done this nation?

        It will be hard to say the least.

        And what if Hillary follows him?

  • Don L

    Salami…always thin but always taking slices,,,and then it’s, too late, gone