The Islam-coddling Left blames the victim of Islamic terrorism 3

First Pamela Geller was attacked by terrorists for holding a free speech event. Then she was attacked by the media for the same reason.

Ezra Levant of looks at the media’s twisted treatment of Geller after the foiled shooting in Garland, Texas.

The left-slanted media want sharia enforced in America rather than US constitutional law.

And not only the left-slanted media. Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, and Greta van Susteren of Fox News have also blamed Pamela Geller for exercising her free speech rights. Dhimmis all.

However, also on Fox News, the excellent Megyn Kelly argued with Bill O’Reilly and decisively showed him to be wrong – though he still didn’t seem to understand that he was.

Kelly told O’Reilly … the point [Pamela Geller and her organization] were making about free speech was a solid one. The First Amendment, she said, isn’t meant to protect popular speech; it’s meant to protect “the most outrageous, offensive, incendiary speech”. 

O’Reilly countered, “It’s always cause and effect… This is what happens when you light the fuse, you get violence.” Kelly was surprised to hear that, telling O’Reilly he sounds like he’s “attacking the event itself”.

When O’Reilly said he would “do it another way,” Kelly got really fired up and said this:

“You know what else the jihadis don’t like? They hate Jews. Should we get rid of all Jews? That’s the path we’re gonna go down if we don’t stop catering to the jihadis.”

Watch the video here.

  • liz

    The media showing their true colors again. Would they be blaming and calling a hate group the organizers of an event that ridiculed conservatives?
    Of course not!
    Not to mention that no conservatives would have attempted to murder anyone at such an event to begin with. No one but Muslims ever does that, which is precisely why they need to be ridiculed by everyone.
    No one else, except leftists, wants to ban free speech.
    Great point by Kelly that if we cater to them on this issue, we’ll end up caving to them on every other issue, too, till they’ve taken over (just like the left already has).

    • Bruce

      The left is always so brave when standing against those who they know will not try to kill them. They knuckle under almost immediately to islam, with it’s high (relatively speaking) number of murderous, psychopathic adherents. Additionally, I’d wager there’s a lot of petrodollars quietly going into the bermudan accounts of the opinion deciders on the left, thus making them staunch defenders of islamic religious hegemony. If they want those copts looked after, maybe the christians should start buying some politicians. If anyone’s got the cash, it’s the vatican.

      • liz

        Right, except the Pope’s a leftist, too! This generation of fascists and leftists and their collaboration with murdering scum makes the last one look like girl scouts.