The road to nuclear hell 2

An Iranian Guards commander sends a message to Obama and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA):   


You would be wrong to dare to want to inspect our military centers and whoever does look at IRGC centers we will fill his throat with molten lead.– Gholamhossein Qeybparavar, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps Commander, Fars Province, Iran.

And here’s a picture of a pathetic John Kerry (who has now put himself out of the insane negotiations with Iran by “breaking a leg”) bending over to persuade a skeptical, relaxed, unimpressed Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif that the US really loves Iran  and wants nothing more than to make it happy (or something along those lines):


  • “Let me put it to you this way, General Qeybparavar; we either openly inspect every military facility you have, or we carpet-bomb you into the Stone Age. Those are your only options. We have fully loaded B-52s standing by, waiting on my word.

    Choose wisely, you f*cking Bronze Age barbarian. Personally I have no problem killing you and everyone within a mile of you.”

    • liz

      If only we had such a leader. Sadly we have the opposite of that.
      We probably couldn’t get our current sorry excuse for a President to say that if we waterboarded him.