“Hillary”: the banned movie 4

Here is the full movie, Hillary, which Hillary Clinton somehow (how?) got banned from theaters when she was a candidate for the presidency in 2008.

It is an hour and half long. Every moment is riveting.

Now that she is standing again for the highest office, this movie needs to be easily accessible for viewing at all times from now until the presidential election in 2016. Ideally, it would be shown daily not only in theaters but on TV, all the “social media”, in every school and university, on street corners, buses, trains, planes, in restaurants, hospital wards, gyms, stores … every possible public place. And its makers would do well to bring it up to date by including all the new Clinton scandals of the last seven years, especially Benghazi.

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  • Don L

    Stan Lee, for his incredible imagination, does not realize…he will be in the first list of elimination.

    Mena Arkansas…drugs…gov Clinton…witnesses homicides…Foster curious woods body location (nothing compared to the two HS kids murdered and thrown on the tracks)…

    Sex addict and loss of case and license…Geraldo with same affliction loves him…Scum Buds.

    Let Them Eat Cake…What Difference, at this Point, Does It Make…

    One day she may have a conscience…

    As the bullet enters from the right…see how the head jolts to the right and only after the mass has been blown away to the left does the head finally jolt left. Justl liket he JFK video. Reid & Pelosi were in the background.

    We’ll miss you Hillary…sooner rather than later…we HOPE, AR

    • liz

      Saw a tabloid headline claiming she’s an alcoholic. Guess that’s one way to ignore your conscience, providing you have one…

      • Don L

        Works for me…no, no, not the drinking, the conclusion. Well, maybe…LOL

  • liz

    Just the fact that she was able to suppress free speech to the extent of getting the movie banned is telling of how deep the corruption goes and much power they have through it.
    It’s the only thing that explains how she can even be considered a viable candidate in spite of the huge amount of evidence against her.