A moment to despair 6

From Commentary, by John Podhoretz:

This is an infamous day, and while those of us who see Iran’s nuclearization as the threshold threat for the rest of the 21st century will not be silent and will not give up the fight against it, it is appropriate to take a moment to despair that we — the United States and the West — have come to this.

Only a moment?

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  • Wait until you see a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv – or New York. My guess is one or both will happen in the next five to ten years.

    And forget ICBMs. The Iranians don’t need them. Do you think they would have any problem rounding up a dozen or so hopeless nitwits to sail an old tramp freighter into New York harbor one dark night with a nuke on board? That’s the scenario that bothers me.

    • Azgael

      if iran nucked NY it would greatly improve the human Gene pool and increase our survival at millions of leftists will die, and when a leftists die, the world becomes a better place

    • liz

      I think your estimate – five to ten years – is probably right.
      Obama will go down in history (if there’s anyone around to record history after that) as the President who doomed civilization. Great legacy.