McCain: hero or traitor? 13

Was John McCain far from being a war hero?

Was he even perhaps as traitorous as John Kerry?

This video is intended to show that he was:


(Hat-tip to our Facebook commenter John Bobbitt)

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  • Azgael

    It shows how far the USA has fallen to a shit hole of a country, McCain, Kerry and Fonda should have all been executed for treason.

    • liz

      And not only that, we now have the traitor Kerry (along with the traitor Obama) using his office to sell us out to terrorists.

      • Reply to Azgael and liz:

        The Republicans control Congress. They could easily impeach Obama. I can’t understand why they don’t.

        • liz

          I guess it would be better than nothing, but why waste time on impeachment?
          He should be arrested and tried for treason, and go directly to jail.
          The harm he’s doing is so extreme, it demands extreme measures.

          • If that is legally possible, then yes, that would be better.

            • I’ve read up on this, liz. It is not legally possible to arrest a sitting president unless and until he has been impeached and sent for trial. (With one exception: the Senate’s Sergeant-at-arms can arrest the president in the Senate. Exactly what for I haven’t gone into.)

            • liz

              Wow! I did not know that. Very interesting.
              Like MLK, I too “have a dream” (to relieve the nightmare).
              I dream that one of these days I’ll wake up and find that a coup has quietly taken place, they’re all in custody at some unknown location, and congress will be appointing a temporary fill-in till we can have elections.
              In the meantime, everything previously enacted by this president is now null and void!

            • A glorious dream. I now share it with you.

        • Azgael

          The GoP are cowards, they would rather watch Obama destroy America and the world than try and impeach him and be called racists, and shilary is elected president she will have free reign as well for the GOP will be too scared to be called sexist, America is on the verge of complete destruction. Either China or Russia will conquer America, forget civil war, so called conservatives are all talk and no action, they too cowardly to fight for freedom and life. We are entering a new dark age that will dwarf the previous with death toll in the billions.

          • liz

            Yes, history is about to repeat itself. And the infuriating thing is, it could have been so easily prevented, with even half decent leadership.
            But we were destroyed from within first.

            • Bruce

              I personally feel that the Democrats either have something heavily incriminating on Boehner and McConnel, or they’ve been bought off. Nothing else that I can think of can explain such gross incompetence.

            • liz

              Yes, probably bought off. The government has become a giant corruption machine, that sucks the souls of politicians through a shredder into a giant black hole.

          • Bruce

            I have never understood their fear of being called racists. The far left exhibits an abject hatred of conservatives. To care about how they speak of you, as a conservative, makes as much sense as a Jewish person caring about the opinion of a neo-Nazi.They are going to hate you no matter what you say or do.