Trafficking in human beings 4

This video is about Muslims capturing and selling black African slaves to white slave traders in the past.


And this one, from 2011, is about Muslims holding black African slaves in the present.


And this is about the Islamic States’ sex-slave trade in 2015 :

Islamic State is circulating a slave price list for captured women and children

The list shows the group’s view of the value of those it captures and surfaced some eight months ago …

For Islamic State fighters, the prices in Iraqi dinars for boys and girls aged 1 to 9 are equal to about $165 … Prices for adolescent girls are $124 and it’s less for women over 20.


There is also a trade in human beings in America right now. Only they kill them first. Recent videos have exposed the industry.

The Democrats say that the videos, exposing Planned Parenthood’s industry in killing babies, unborn and born, and selling their body parts, is a “war on women”!


From the Leftist Lexicon:

Women’s health =  1. abortion 2. infanticide

  • Kerry

    I spent some time in Mauritania a few years ago. I served on the board of a bank there and personally know many of the “movers and shakers” in the world of politics and business. Mauritania is basically one huge sand trap!

    One close friend of the upper crust invited me to his home for dinner one evening. In this very poor country, he has a beautiful gated home with fountains as a focal point a circular driveway filled with expensive cars. Dinner was a typical Mauritania affair. Men and women ate in separate rooms and all sat on cushions on the floor. There were no utensils…only fingers.

    During dinner conversation, I casually inquired about the three dark-skinned servers, one girl about 12 and two boys about the age of 15. I was certain they were not from Mauritania. He responded that he had…and these are his words…bought them in Senegal. I kept my composure and said, “Interesting, we don’t do that so much in the States anymore.” He then proceeded to explain that he met the mother of the girl on a trip to Senegal. She was very poor and given the other 5 kids she had, there was no way she could care for them all, and the reality was that some of the kids would probably die very young anyway. He paid her for the girl and it was a good transaction for everyone involved as he gave me all the typical rationale associated with owning another person.

    I have never been able to get that conversation out of my head. It was such a casual comfortable conversation for him and as I was a guest in his house I was not in a place to express my sincere objections. I was disgusted. I learned that most of his friends live the same way,

    • Thank you, Kerry, for this fascinating (and deeply disturbing) anecdote. A personal discovery. Utterly convincing.

      In the 1980s I attended a meeting of the UN’s International Labor Organization (ILO) in London. They were discussing something almost forgotten now: the “white slave traffic” – the kidnapping of European women and very young girls to supply the brothels of Latin America. When I raised the question of slavery in the Arab world, I was sharply told by the chairperson of the conference, “There is no such thing”.

      There was a time when planes flying from Eritrea to Saudi Arabia and other Arab states were usually much fuller than the planes flying back the other way – because going, they were packed with slaves.

      An historian of the Middle East told me that it was easy to spot an Eritrean slave in the Arab lands, as they walked on stiff straight legs. Why? Because the custom was to cut the tendons at the backs of their knees to make it hard for them to run away. I cannot vouch for this being true, though I see no reason why the scholar would have wanted to deceive me.

      I once came across a document in the British government’s Records Office about slaves held in the Emirate of Transjordan (now the Kingdom of Jordan) during the years of the British mandate. It recorded a decision by the Foreign Office not to interfere in the “tradition” of slave owning! It was a direct defiance of all that Wilberforce had fought for. As I have often said (in public), the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office IS “perfidious Albion”.

  • liz

    The hypocrisy of the left, in ignoring the current muslim slave trade while at the same time heaping guilt on white America for the long past “sin” of slavery, and ignoring Planned Parenthood’s atrocities while trying to lynch a hunter for killing “Cecil the lion”, is unreal.

  • Azgael

    The evil from the left is starting to be even greater than the evil of religion.