The grandstanding martyrdom of a government clerk 6

A Kentucky county clerk, Kim Davis, has been jailed for contempt of court. She refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, even though ordered to do so by a US District Court Judge.

She is against same-sex marriage because, she says, her Christian faith teaches that homosexuality is wrong. Which it futilely does.

(But by saying that fobidding homosexuality is futile we do not mean to imply “same-sex marriage” makes sense. It doesn’t. It’s a farce. However many people of whatever sexual proclivities decide to form a union, there has to be at least one man and one woman among them for it to be marriage in the universal historical meaning of the word. It would be best to leave marriage to the religions, and for the state – or rather the states – to recognize Contracts of Union for all sorts of voluntary conjugal relationships.)

Kim Davis should issue the licenses whatever her thoughts and feelings about same-sex marriage, because it is her job to do so. The principle of “separation of Church and State” must apply to her case. She is as free as everybody else to express her opinion of same-sex marriage, homosexuality, Christian doctrine, and this horrible government with its ever more foolish laws and regulations that America is now groaning under; but not to refuse to do the job she is paid to do. 

What is wrong is that she has tenure. The proper reward for her refusal is dismissal.

Nobody should ever be unsackable. Most particularly, government employees should not be unsackable. Tens of thousands of them need to be sacked – urgently, The head of government, Barack Obama, needs to be sacked – urgently. Like Kim Davis, he doesn’t obey the law.

Government employees should not have trade unions: government negotiating terms of employment with itself is absurd.

Government employees should not have the vote (as some of our commenters have recently compellingly argued).

Bureaucrats all too easily get uppity and dictatorial. In Britain they are called “civil servants”. They may forget to be civil, but at least their job description defines their place as servants, not masters. Governments shoud be servants, not masters.

If Kim Davis cannot bring herself to do her job, she should leave it. She’s no doubt enjoying being a Christian martyr at present. Martyrdom is the non plus ultra of Christian virtue; best if it entails death, and best of all if it entails agonizing death. We hope Ms. Davis won’t go that far. We’re very much against it.

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  • liz

    Yes, she should either quit or be fired, not jailed. And as Ann points out, why does government need to be involved in marriage, anyway? It should be a totally “private sector” affair. It will do just fine without the government’s meddling “help” in tax exemptions, or whatever.

  • Good comment by Ann Onymous, received by email and posted here with her permission:-

    Ha! I think this is excellent!

    The “purity of arms” principle – where soldiers can refuse orders if unconscionable – does not apply. Bureaucratic licensing is purely administrative.

    Now that marriage is almost purely contractual – why is there a need for governmental licensing at all?

    If she can’t disobey “God’s law”, she must resign her job which requires her (in her mind ) to break the law. Her religion disqualifies her for her job – to which she has no “right”.

    Martyrdom is a religious virtue. She can resign her job, forfeit her pension as an act of martyrdom. She does not have to go to jail and still live off government. In fact, she should not take any government job if government offends her religion.

    Cruz is wrong to defend her. What if she were Muslim?

    Refusing licenses is not similar to refusing to bake cakes. It is outrageous that Cruz says the licenses can be issued elsewhere (40 minutes away). All government licensing offices should be identical in their services: there should not be one office for gays and another for straights. But sending gay couples to another baker is not a breach of “equal treatment”. Wedding cakes are not a “public accommodation”. Government itself is the the ultimate public accommodation.

    This woman really infuriates me.

    (Thank you, Ann Onymous! We strongly agree with you.)

    • Azgael

      No where in the constitution does it say the federal government has the authority to regulate or define marriage, the courts not even the SCOTUS has that authority, their ruling is illegal according to the constitution, same for the abortion ruling and obamacare ruling, i could not care less who or what you marry, if you want to marry your lawn chair, go ahead but these ruling by the SCOTUS are illegal and she is not breaking any law, since judges had NO AUTHORITY TO MAKE LAW only interpret law and there is nothing in the constitution about marriage. Tho if her state made or makes it legal for same-sex marriage then yes, she should be fired.

      10th Amendment

      The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

      • Davis is contracted to do her job. The law of contract must be enforced.

        • Azgael

          “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” Thomas Jefferson

          Americans have to start standing up to judicial tyranny, this woman tho is using the wrong argument. And she is a KENTUCKY COUNTY clerk not a federal employee, her contract is with the state not the federal government

          • liz

            I like the quote by Jefferson, and I wish everyone would disobey such unjust laws as personal income taxes – if enough people did it at once they might be able to overwhelm the threat of the IRS.
            I agree with this clerk in Kentucky in principle, (not the religious aspect, but the disobeying of an unjust law aspect), but still they should have no obligation to let her keep the job. Ironic then that since its a govt. job, apparently they couldn’t fire her, so she gets arrested instead…