The rape of Europe 2

For the last act of its long Christian history, Europe, true to the Christian ideal of martyrdom, passionately cries out to barbarian hordes to come from all the Islamic hellholes of the globe, descend violently upon it  – and rape it to death.

Following thematically on the two Pat Condell videos posted immediately below, here’s his latest, published yesterday.

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  • liz

    Like what the Europeans (and U.S.) are doing – rolling out a red carpet of welfare benefits and caving to their every demand – is making them feel second class?
    And like that has really worked?? The only thanks they get for it is having their rape, murder, and violence rates soar, while they are milked dry by parasites.
    Spare me the self-righteous “love thy enemies” routine.

  • liz

    Excellent. And as always, everything he applies to the European union applies to the U.S. as well. Our leftists are whining about “rape culture”, when really the only one that actually exists is the one THEY are letting in as “refugees”.
    U.S. citizens need to claim asylum from our ow leftist dictatorship.