Death in Jerusalem at Damascus Gate 3

There is apparently a new Arab intifada being fought in Israel – largely ignored by the mainstream media.

Murders of Jews by Arabs, mostly by stabbing, are happening daily.

Here is silent footage, published today by YouTube, showing a stabbing of Israeli police officers by an Arab at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

The injured policemen were taken to hospital, the stabber was shot dead.

Posted under Islam, Israel, jihad by Jillian Becker on Monday, October 12, 2015

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  • liz

    It’s great to see a Muslim get their fondest wish fulfilled – sent to his 72 virgins.
    Especially since no human life worth anything was lost in the process.

    • Bruce

      Unfortunately they’re all males and look like Michael Moore.

      • liz

        Ha! I hope so. That would be true justice.
        Or even better – they’re all beautiful but he can’t have them because he got a piece of pork slapped on him before he got there.