Europe opens its gates wider … 2

… to the conquering hordes of Islam.

The passion of European leaders for the destruction of the European peoples by the invading hordes of Islam intensifies with every act of Muslim terrorist violence committed on their soil. 

Soon after the atrocities committed by ISIS in Paris, the EU passed a resolution to bring in more Muslims, more terrorists.

Astonishingly one new amendment put forward by the Social and Democrats grouping, of which Labour is a leading member, and passed by the parliament said that member states must not use any border controls which “stop the travel of suspected terrorists”. 

The jaw-dropping document states that the EU parliament “vehemently believes, in light of the current refugee and migrant crisis in Europe, that member states must refrain from using any border control measures aimed at fighting terrorism and stopping the travel of suspected terrorists for immigration control purposes”.

So the Express (UK) online reports.

Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis have been given carte blanche to reach the gates of Britain and potentially carry out atrocities against innocent civilians after an EU motion backed by Labour BANNED using border controls to stop terrorism.

Labour MEPs voted en masse for a raft of Brussels resolutions which will prevent European security services in Schengen agreement countries from implementing “any border control measures aimed at fighting terrorism”. 

The barmy edicts claim that trying to stop terrorists from returning home is racist and set out a series of stringent criteria dictating how extremists’ “human rights” must be pandered to.

They mean that ISIS jihadis will be able to stream into Europe and cross the continent unchallenged all the way to Calais, where they can launch attempts to smuggle themselves past Britain’s overwhelmed border guards.

Critics said the actions of Labour’s representatives in Brussels were “shameful” and will put British lives at risk by “opening the door” for ISIS fighters to return from Syria and carry out atrocities on our streets.

But that, it seems, is the very thing that Europe’s leaders, and the British Labour Party under the leadership of the extreme leftist Jeremy Corbyn, desire. On the way to total dominance by Islam.

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  • liz

    More suicidal insanity! Or is it just stupidity?
    In the end, one has to conclude that it is neither – it is intentional and ongoing.
    Just as with the “climate change” agenda, it’s being pushed forward in spite of sound arguments and protests against it, which makes it treason.
    The EU, just like the UN, was formed as a vehicle to further extend the control of collectivist tyranny. The propaganda for “climate change”, “social justice”, “multiculturalism” and “racism” are among the tools they use to manipulate the masses and achieve that control.
    Interesting how the “refugee” crisis incorporates every one of those tools:
    It’s caused by climate change, calls for social justice for refugees, will bring multiculturalism to Europe, and your a racist if you don’t want it!
    The lies are thinly disguised, but that’s no problem when the majority of your population are usefully idiotic enough to believe anything.

  • Azgael

    If the people of europe don’t remove these traitors from office by force,and execute them for treason, there will be a slaughter, by the muslims, greater than anything christians have ever done in europe.

    This is it for europeans, its either they rise up or die.