A liar by nature 2

Here is Hillary Clinton, when the coffins of the men who died in Benghazi and members of their families were beside her, blaming “a video” for the violent attack that killed them:

And here she is asserting that she did not say that:

Hillary Clinton lies not just by habit, but by nature. She is a liar as a tortoise is a creature with a shell. Her lies are her carapace.


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  • Mike

    Lies and projection; the tools of the profession.

  • liz

    Being able to lie well is a requirement for the job of leftists. Without this skill they would never get elected. (Although nowadays there are nearly enough brainwashed voters to elect them even if they didn’t lie.)
    When Bill lied about Monica, he was admired for it by the press. Obama’s oratorical skills are admired, and he probably holds the record for the amount of lies spewed per speech. He’s a walking lie.
    The gall is just breathtaking! But since they are never held accountable, their lying has become inconsequential.