Donald Cruz – or Ted Trump? 5

Ed Straker explains why ethanol production should not be subsidized.

It’s a matter on which he sides with Ted Cruz against Donald Trump.

But he agrees with Trump on how to deal with illegal immigration.

He wishes he could merge the two candidates.

He writes at American Thinker:

Donald Trump attacked Ted Cruz for not supporting ethanol subsidies.  He said in Iowa on Friday, “Oil companies give him a lot of money, so he’s for oil.”

The thing about oil and gas is, it doesn’t require big subsidies, because it’s the cheapest and most efficient form of fuel for cars. Ethanol, on the other hand, does require big government subsidies, because it is highly uneconomical.  Ethanol is much more expensive than oil and gas and, gallon for gallon, produces much less energy than gasoline.  That’s why the government has to hand over billions in subsidies to big agri-businesses to keep it going.  And that’s also why the government has to force oil companies to blend ethanol in with their fuels.  Because without government coercion, oil companies wouldn’t do it, and the price of gasoline would be substantially lower than it is now.

Additionally, ethanol actually acts as a corrosive on car engines.  It slowly degrades car parts over time.

But the worst thing about ethanol is that not only does it require taxpayer subsidies, and not only does it raise the price of blended gas, but it also raises the price of many different kinds of foods.  Ethanol is made with corn – a lot of it.  And when a lot of corn production is diverted to ethanol, there is less corn available to use for food.  Corn is heavily used as a sweetener in many food products.  By raising the price of corn, the price of many different kinds of foods are raised.

That is what subsidizing ethanol gives us.  That is what Donald Trump is for and Ted Cruz is against.  Ted Cruz is starting to lead in some Iowa polls, and he’s doing it without this kind of pandering.

I think Donald Trump is fabulous when it comes to immigration and securing our borders, even better than Ted Cruz.  But on economic issues, Donald Trump is no economic conservative.  His tax plan would not lower taxes as much as Cruz’s and would take many taxpayers off the tax rolls entirely, giving them no incentives to vote against tax hikes on the rest of us.

If only we could take the immigration part of Trump and merge it with the rest of Cruz, we’d have the ideal candidate.

We wouldn’t go as far as to say “ideal”. But we agree with Cruz about ethanol, and with Trump about immigration – in particular, closing the borders to Muslim immigration for the duration of the war with Islam.


(Hat tip to our highly valued commenter, liz)

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  • liz

    Yes, it’s too bad we have to choose between better national security or better economic policy. Why can’t there be one who gets both?
    Trump unapologetically declares we should stop Muslim immigration, which should have happened 14 years ago – how can you pass up what is likely to be our only chance at a president who would do this? (It’s pathetic that not only is he the only one proposing it, the current President is doing everything he can to demolish our borders!) But then he takes a contradictory stance AGAINST someone he should respect as an ally – Pam Gellar. AND comes out in favor of eminent domain and ethanol subsidies…AND he voted for Obama?!?!?
    Cruz has a great track record in a lot of areas, but he not only doesn’t come anywhere near trump on immigration, he just recently changed his stance on H1B visas. Yet he has been endorsed by Gellar…
    It’s a dilemma.

    • As always, liz, your comment enhances and extends the post, pointing out important implications..

      Thank you.

      • liz

        Thank YOU for all your great posts and commentary, Jillian!

    • Azgael

      No one is perfect, it will go down to what is currently more important to people, immigration or economic issues, right now it is immigration.

      • liz

        Yes, that will probably be a big factor. Immigration, and the terrorist threat that comes with it, will increase while Obama is in office, so that will continue to be a big issue. Of course, the economy will continue to tank, too, but that doesn’t have the same urgency as the terror threat. On top of that, people are just fed up with Republicans who do nothing but pander and cave in.
        Neither Trump or Cruz tend to do that, but Trump is more vocal about it.