The avenger – and her personal weapon 4

Watch a fearless German woman beating off a lecherous Muslim – with her handbag.



(Hat-tip to our Facebook commenter, John Bobbitt)

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  • Some of our commenters on Facebook – where we have also posted this video – claim that the avenger is actually a man dressed as a woman. If so, it’s curious and enlightening that a man has to dress like a woman in order to act like a man.

    • liz

      I think they’re right – the avenger isn’t a woman any more than than the “attacker” is a Muslim. I don’t know if the video is to “teach”, like the Finnish video, or is a parody of that one, but it’s definitely staged. Still funny, though!

  • Duke of Hazzard

    Hahaha… funny video. It reminded me of a skit from the Benny Hill show. I could actually hear the theme music in my head!

  • liz

    I wonder if this was staged? I just saw another video that was put out by the Finnish government showing women how to “protect” themselves from rapists. They actually suppose that simply putting your hand out and saying “stop!” will be effective, or pushing him away, or, as a last resort(!) swinging at him with your handbag, like the woman in this video. It’s so unbelievably ridiculous! They allow barbarians into these countries and then expect the women to fight them off with handbags???
    If these women were armed with handguns the problem would be solved instantly.
    But in some of these places even mace is illegal! When people are stupid enough to allow their government to ban guns, this is what they can expect to be reduced to.