John Galt versus Pajama Boy 24

There are different Americas. The great America – the America viewed through European eyes with a mixture of snobbish patronizing indulgence and sheer envy is …

It is what Trump is. He could be said to personify it. His characteristics are those of great America: big, extroverted, ambitious, successful, rich, energetic, restless, generous, proud, adaptable, happy – all admirable qualities. Also … candid to the point of seeming naive, and – okay – boastful, not highly articulate in that he spins no fine phrases, and (many snort) “vulgar”. His candor is not naive; it would lay him open to being taken advantage of had he not been well schooled in the hard-bargaining world of American and international business. His boasting is fully justified: he is a winner. He says what needs to be said, as his tens of thousands of fans appreciate. As for vulgarity – it does no harm. Great America and its personification, Donald Trump, combine energy, high achievement, vision, and generosity that enormously benefit thousands, even millions of others. If the opulence Trump lives in proudly, his delight in showing off his achievements, his loud trumpeting of triumph with every success, is vulgar, then vulgarity is a “yuge” virtue. The fictitious characters whom he most resembles are Ayn Rand’s heroes in Atlas Shrugged. The John Galts and Dagny Taggarts who invent and build and drive and ever improve the engines of civilization.

Another America – more an anti-America – is personified by … Oh any of those sour pious busybodies who think they know best how everyone else should live their lives and want to force them to do as they say. Think current Democratic administration. Or Bernie Sanders. Intellectuals whose opinions were early in their lives pickled in Leftist theory. They are morally vain, needing to feel they are good rather than actually make good. Beings whom Trump would describe as “low energy people”. They make much of “compassion”, not noticing how much condescension there is in their compassion, and how much contempt in their condescension. Their college-age children need safe spaces, “trigger-warnings”, protection from challenging opinions. What words and phrases describe them best? Physically enervated, psychologically etiolated, smug, puritanical, introverted, dogmatic, envious, snobbish, acrimonious, precious, dishonest, hypocritical …Their model fictitious characters are Pajama Boy and Julia, for whom government needs to be an all-sustaining provider and a protecting nanny to the people.

If great America could come to power next year to guide the destiny of the country and shine a beacon light to the world, after 7+ years of stagnation under the debilitating and impoverishing ideologues of the Left, our civilization – now in decline – might be saved.

Or is that America lost and gone? Is Trump a relic of an unrecoverable past?

Margaret Thatcher interrupted the decline of Britain, the decades long rule of the Left. She tried to turn her country into a share-holding, property-owning nation. A free enterprise nation, where capitalism opened the way for everyone to become prosperous. She did what she could, but could not complete the transformation. The Left returned, though it might also call itself “Conservative”.

So even if Trump does become president, and those engines start up again, how far can he take America into a prosperous future? Generations of Americans have now been indoctrinated in schools and colleges to be socialists. Will the country have one last burst of glory, and then sink into welfare mediocracy? Is that the best that can be hoped for?


Jillian Becker   April 15, 2016

  • I believe that if the right once more gets back into power they must reverse the gerrymandering that the left has been undertaking through mass immigration. Welfare recipients must lose the vote as long as they are dependent on state largess. Illegal immigrants must be deported wherever possible. The voting age should be raised to 21 at least.

    • Azgael

      only those paying income or property taxes should allowed to vote as well.

      • Bruce

        Agreed, if you don’t have skin in the game, you shouldn’t be playing.

  • liz

    Good question! I think, pessimistically, that the decline will only be interrupted.
    But no one can predict the future. Maybe the tide will turn and the next generation will wake up and realize how completely they’ve been had by the left, and reject it all.
    Until then we can only continue to “rage against the night” that is overtaking us, even though it will probably return again after our brief interruption…

    • Hope lies in just what we are doing here, starting new conversations outside the mainstream group-think bubble. Just as the printing press revolutionized thought, the internet is providing us with a new opportunity to spread ideas. However this new media is almost infinitely faster and can reach enormous numbers of people in an instant. We must continue to exploit it to our utmost and resist all authoritarian attempts to limit our freedoms. These are small beginnings but I see evidence that we are gaining momentum as more people begin to speak out.

  • Mike

    It’s very simple in theory. Start by getting control of the culture, just like the Marxists did. The things that people have found acceptable over the last 2 millennia comprise a banquet of horrors and perversions, all celebrated as normal. They can re-learn to embrace the pronciples of old. People are sickeningly easy to influence.

    • liz

      Sickeningly easy to influence, yes, because it always seems to be in the wrong direction. The left succeeded in taking control of education and poisoning the minds of generations. Any successful effort to reverse that will have to be both coordinated and “titanic” in scope, and the left will not cede that ground willingly.

      • Mike

        Well that’s how the Left did it, and so must we. Of course, it’s a long commitment. Look at how long the Muslims have been at it. We can never rest, as the West has been too willing to do these past few generations, because our enemies don’t. It is our complacency that will destroy us, not the enemy. If we rid the complacency, the other enemies are moot. To do this, we must re-embrace the violence that brought us this civilization we so highly prize. This nonsense that it is morally superior to be the non-aggressor is suicidal and totally unnatural. And it will lead to a far worse human condition. Can we do this? The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. I’m betting on our history.

        • liz

          I hope you’re right. And you’re right that complacency was the weak point our enemies took advantage of. Like Reagan said, it’s up to each generation to maintain freedom, or we lose it.

          • Bruce

            The whole non-aggression thing too. Guess where that came from? Same folks who were the pre-Marx/Engles communists.

            • Would you elaborate on that little, please?

            • Bruce

              Communism and socialism, before they were modified/codified by Marx, were concepts rooted in the Christian ideal: everyone deserves love, turn the other cheek, greed/materialism is bad, money is governmental property (Caesar’s face on the coin), etc. It’s funny though, that the modern American Protestant, by and large, has no idea just how mutated their religion is from that supposedly practiced by the Apostles as laid out in the Gospels and Acts, and how much similar it was to the society championed by the “godless communists”. The Protestants are much more similar to the Romans who had Christianity imposed upon them by their government in an attempt to unite the Empire, much as the modern leftist cabal wants a single world government.

              For example, compare how the stated aims of the socialists match up with their actions: Everyone deserves love and to be taken care of (unless you disagree with us), we deplore violence (but provide free legal counsel to rioters), greed is bad, and you’ve made enough money (George Soros and Al Gore haven’t though, clearly), and income inequality is the root of all evil (your money belongs to the government, and it will decide how much you’re allowed to keep)

              Now, do the same for the Christians throughout history: everyone deserves love (so long as you’re with the sect in power), turn the other cheek (unless your pastor/professional sheep-herder says otherwise), greed/materialism is bad (except for those bursting church coffers),
              and money is governmental property (Caesar’s face is on the coin, and it must be yielded up)

              See how similar the Christians and modern Marxists are? They are even alike in their chosen forms of hypocrisy. Additionally, much like the Roman Christians, when Marxists they gain power they seek to destroy all alternatives to their own school of thought. Mithraism and the Roman pantheon didn’t die out purely on their own, you know.

            • Right.

              Did you miss these two posts of ours?

              Communism is secular Christianity


              Against God and Socialism


            • liz

              Right. They were always pacifists when we were fighting against communists, as they were during the Vietnam war. They neutralize us with this tactic so our enemies win. Same thing now with Muslims. Anyone who dares to identify them as the enemy is neutralized with the label “Islamophobic”.

    • Azgael

      that will be impossible, remember the left took control BECAUSE so called conservatives did NOTHING to stop them, the left however will do EVERYTHING to keep the power and since conservatives no longer have a spine it will never happen. Western civilization is dead, freedom is dead the so called protest in colorado after the GOPe used North Korea stile tactics proves it, few showed up and most used the idiot excuse of ” i had to work” ya well guess what dumb dumb, if the GOPe and left get their way you WILL NOT HAVE A JOB, just another excuse for their cowardice.

      • Mike

        Of course it isn’t impossible. What is impossible is for any system to remain static. I simply have to pont to history to prove that my scenario will be the correct one. Power, and therefore freedom, comes from the barrel of a gun. Are you prepared to be free?

        • Bruce

          Yeah, the problem is, how long will the leftists stay in power before things decline so much that there’s a revolution, most likely a violent one? I suspect that I might well live to see another US civil war, unfortunately.

          • Will you fight, Bruce?

            • Bruce

              Already looking into purchasing some self-defense firearms. Never thought I would have to do so, but the crap that’s going now should scare anyone who’s actually studied history. “It could never happen here” is the mantra of the fool and the corpse.

      • What will you do about it, Azgael?

    • It took the Left forty years. And they worked hard at it.

      The Right has only just begun to fight back. IF it does, it will take at least double as much time.

      But the Left are not as unaware, as unguarded, as complacent as the Right has been. The Left will fight us besiegers off their ramparts with everything they’ve got. They stand on almost all the commanding heights.

      • Mike

        None of these are reasons for us not to do this, but in fact the very reasons to do this. People before us did it, and we owe it to the future generation.

        • Well, The Atheist Conservative is doing what it can.

          If there were barricades, I would go to them. Armed. As it is, I can only fire words. And that I’ll continue to do.

          What do you propose to do, Mike?

          • Mike

            What I already have been doing. I have 3 sons, university aged, who are learning about the lies of the Marxists regularly. I have taught them about the typical tactics of the Left, particularly with exploiting the lower classes, lies, and projection. And the refusal to debate the facts of any issue. I have taught them also to be a skeptic and challenge any assertion, even mine.