The West’s last chance? 5

The four devastating mistakes of the West since the Second World War were:

  • Establishing socialist welfare states – so creating classes of permanent dependents.
  • Creating the European Union – its members thus losing sovereignty and democratic government, and coming under the corrupt and arbitrary rule of unelected bureaucrats.
  • Allowing the influx of unlimited numbers of Muslim settlers – a continuing invasion and colonization that is likely to destroy European culture.
  • The election of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States. In America itself, President Obama increased economic redistribution through a tyrannical health care act, reduced prosperity, and weakened the rule of law. And his feeble foreign policy effected wars, civil wars, massacres, enslavements, and a vast displacement of populations.

Can the West recover?

There is no sign that socialist policies are changing in Europe. But the European Union is under increasing strain. Britain may withdraw from it in the near future, and that could encourage other members to recover their independence. Sovereign states will be able to change their immigration policies – though it is probably too late for any European country to save itself from eventual Muslim domination.

As for America, if another “progressive” (Democratic Leftist) president follows Obama, there will be no recovery from stagnation at home and weakness abroad. But America has a chance of changing for the better if a Republican administration is elected this year.

The fate of Western civilization depends on it.

  • Azgael

    yes there is still a chance, but to save western civilization, at-least 50% of its population will need to be culled without mercy, without exemptions, the leftists 50% that is.

    no tolerance and extreme violence towards those who espouse leftists thoughts and ideology is needed.

  • liz

    I hope Britain and others succeed in withdrawing. Just as our states need to cut themselves off from the stranglehold of the federal government, that controls them by threatening to cut funding if they get out of line.
    The facilitation of the Muslim invasion was a planned sabotage by those pulling the strings to destroy borders and sovereign nations. To create what? One great big third world hell hole!

  • If you’ll allow an analogy from a 1978 classic movie:

    In this clip, substitute the few liberty-valuing American voters for the members of the Delta House fraternity; substitute the American ruling political class for the Faber College administration and favored students…

    …And Donald Trump for Bluto.

    I think this is actually a frighteningly good parallel. We (I say we, because I’ve long since decided to vote Trump) are about to commit a really futile and stupid gesture, which may just turn the tide back in our favor.

    I hope so, anyway. I’ll be expanding on this theme over at Animal Magnetism in tomorrow’s post.

    • Good fun, Animal. Thanks.

      Yes, it is an analogy …

      But how hope it won’t be quite like that!