Islam in Europe: ban it or fight it with fire and sword? 7

Two people, Miriam Shaded and Leszek Samborski, discuss what to do to save Poland – and Europe – from Islamization.

They both see the necessity of dealing vigorously with a great evil. The woman talks the better sense.

(Click on the cc for the English translation)

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  • liz

    Well, as I don’t speak Polish, can’t really comment on that one!

    • liz, click on the cc and you’ll get the English subtitle translation.

      • liz

        Thanks, that helped!
        Yes, I think she has a great idea – to “delegalize” Islam. To pretend its just like any other religion is to give it a false legitimacy it doesn’t deserve. It has always been at war with non Muslims- in other words, civilization.
        Its not just the “elephant in the room” that the politically correct won’t talk about, it’s the elephant taking over the room.

        • Bruce

          Agreed. Islam is not a religion. It, and any other philosophy/sect that seeks political power so as to force it’s tenets on the unwilling, is a seditious political movement. It should be treated as such.

  • Excellent debate. This is the first such outspoken discussion I’ve heard from Poland. The former eastern bloc countries do seem to be providing a glimmer of hope for Europe at the moment – no doubt their historical experiences against the USSR and the Ottoman empire before it have not been so easy to forget.

    • Thanks for the highly relevant and informative link, Chauncey.

    • liz

      The EU plays the same role as the Federal government in the U.S. – they force all the states to submit to their agenda by withholding funds if they get out of line. The states then become their obedient slaves.