Enough to get the blood boiling 3

Milo explodes – with good reason – at one who says he will vote for Hillary.

Posted under Islam, United States by Jillian Becker on Saturday, August 13, 2016

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  • liz

    Yes, what an idiot the guy voting for Hillary is. He doesn’t trust Trump to deal with the Islamic threat, but he does trust Hillary? What planet is he on?
    What in the world can he base that opinion on, when she has the worst possible track record ever (besides Obama) in dealing with it?
    And she’s a “centrist”? That’s another good one. The woman who wrote her college thesis in praise of Saul Alinsky. This is a good snapshot of how far off in lala land “nevertrump” idiots are, but still doesn’t solve the mystery of how they got there.

    • Duke of Hazzard

      ” but still doesn’t solve the mystery of how they got there.” Come on, Liz. We know exactly how they got there. Public school and college, with a Liberal media thrown in for good measure.

      • liz

        That does explain how the leftists got there, but what about the conservatives who insanely think we’d be better off with Hillary than Trump?