The Jungle is in Europe 3

See Europe now.

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(Hat-tip Chauncey Tinker)

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  • liz

    It’s really sad. Europe is being ruined, and it was all completely and easily avoidable with plain common sense. Why does no one notice the glaring absence of that these days? Reason and realism are no longer permitted. We must all aspire to the noble heights of ‘social justice’ now, or be damned.

  • Amber Rudd the UK Home Secretary has been re-uniting some of the migrant children with their parents who are already in the UK:

    Suspicions are growing that they may not be really children at all (see pictures).

    Another migrant child in Calais was interviewed by UK pop star Lily Allen who apologized profusely to him and burst into tears. However (allegedly) he turned out to be the son of a jihadi fighter who had earlier been granted asylum for reasons that are completely beyond my comprehension:

    The father was a commander for a Jihadi leader called the “Butcher of Kabul” and he has since twice been back to Afghanistan on a holiday, the Express reports. The leader was “known for executing intellectuals and attacking women with acid”.

    • Those tears are infuriating!

      A dentist looking at their teeth (not “dental records”) could surely tell in a trice how old they are.

      Sentimentality is killing the last of the Europeans.

      At least The Jungle will be closed.