A world-wide populist movement 8

President-elect Trump said yesterday in his “Thank-you” speech in Fayetteville, North Carolina, that the movement he leads is spreading world-wide.

It is. And although the left-biased press wants to depict it as a “far-right” organized threat, it is in fact a genuine grass-roots movement against the all-too-established globalist ruling elite.

Among the ideas that the various groups which make up the populist movements stand for there are – and are sure to be – some that we do not agree with. There are even things President-elect Trump seems to favor that we do not agree with  – eg. minimum wage, and letting his daughter Ivanka almost bring Al Gore back into respectability by chatting with him about “man-made climate change”. But if the movement stops the invasion of the West by Islam – which requires the overthrow of the ruling elites of Europe, the reinstatement of the nation-state as an ideal, the disintegration of the EU, and ultimately the destruction of the UN – we will regard the occasional ideas and actions we don’t like as side-issues and complaint about them as nit-picking.

In Italy even groups on the Left are rising against the tyranny of the EU and the government that connives with it.

Chris Tomlinson writes at Breitbart:

Following the results of the Italian referendum Sunday night, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Rome demanding that Italy leave the European Union.

Left wing protesters gathered outside the parliament of the Eternal City after it was confirmed that the No vote had defeated the government of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and their plans to reform the Italian Senate. Protesters held banners telling the government to respect the vote …

Many of the protesters also demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister, who at a press conference after the announcement of the result, said he would tender his resignation to Italian President Sergio Mattarella explaining, “When you lose, you cannot pretend that nothing has happened and go to bed and sleep. My government ends here today.”

The result of the referendum could lead to snap elections as early as February and the growing popularity of the Eurosceptic Five Star Movement* has many worried the Italians could vote to leave the political bloc as Britain had done earlier in the year.

Tensions heated up between protesters and police stationed outside the parliament and ultimately the authorities decided to shut the protest down.  Three individuals were taken into custody by police as other demonstrators yelled “shame on you” to the officers.

One of the student leaders of the protest, 27-year-old Michele Sugarelli, said:

Brexit was not a vote against Europe, it was a vote against the EU, which takes power from the people and makes decisions against their interests. We want the same thing. We want change in Italy and in Europe. We want opportunity for young people, and we want the EU to finish.

Another protester named Pietro described the police tactics saying: “They are being violent because they are afraid. Now is a moment when the elite could fall. People don’t want any more economic sacrifices while the government preserves the interests of the banks and big corporations.”

A student named Lorenzo, who spoke at the protest said: “Everyone talks about young people, but when we actually raise our voice, this is the result.” He went on to note: “I don’t think the EU will survive the next few years. In Italy, everyone hates this thing called the EU. It is falling apart and we hope it happens quickly.”

*From Wikipedia:

The Five Star Movement –  Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S)  – is populist, anti-establishment, environmentalist, anti-globalist, and Eurosceptic.  Its members stress that the M5S is not a party but a “movement” and it may not be included in the traditional left-right paradigm.

We cheer it on, even though we do not like its environmentalism.

  • Brexit in crisis:


    On a more serious note the Supreme Court judges are now deliberating.

    Is this an attempt to pre-empt the Supreme Court judges decision on Brexit, or is it something else? I’m really not too sure:


    My distrust of Theresa May, the unelected UK Prime Minister, continues:

    In a landslide victory for Brexiteers a Government amendment binding MPs to respect the prime minister’s Brexit timetable in return for a greater role in the negotiations passed by 461 votes to 89.

    The history defining paragraph states that parliament “calls on the Government to invoke Article 50 by 31 March 2017” – effectively ending any Remoaner plot to indefinity delay divorce talks with Brussels.

    It also basically makes the current Supreme Court proceedings over whether or not Mrs May can trigger Article 50 without parliament’s consent redundant, because MPs are now signed up to starting the process anyway.

    OK, excuse my skepticism, but this “victory” allows the 650 MPs, the vast majority of whom were for Remain, to have “a greater role in the negotiations”. Will this lead to a watering down of Brexit, a Brexit “light” as they are calling it?

    • At least it’s good that parliament is acting to invoke Article 50.

      It’s really time all these women were OUT of political leadership. (Maggie was a man, mentally.) The world badly needs its Donald Trump, and along with him its Boris Johnson, Geert Wilders, Mad-Dog Mattis …

      • Amber Rudd is also busy letting in more of those migrant “children”: Meanwhile we seem to have a growing problem with gang violence which she does nothing about:


        In broad daylight on the street of the UK. Observe how the cars are used to block the vans.

      • liz

        Yes, women like Merkel who continues to let hordes of ‘refugees’ in while pretending (for votes) to be thinking about banning burkas.

  • A.Alexander

    Who will defend the liberated Europe?

    • A good question.

      The enemy is Islam.

      The eternal enemy is unreason. Religion.

  • liz

    This is awesome! After long years of despair that America or Europe would ever ‘wake up’, it is finally happening! And because it’s a genuine movement, not a phony ‘victim’ protest staged and paid for by leftists, it’s not going to be easily stopped. I hope we all live to see the day the Left becomes the laughingstock of the world, when, exposed as the frauds they are, they limp away into oblivion, just like Castro’s joke of a stalled out funeral procession.