A lucid exposition of the Trumpist Revolution 5

Every minute of Newt Gingrich’s address to a Heritage Foundation audience in this video is worth hearing.  It is gripping, informative, amusing, and inspiring.

He emphasizes that November 8, 2016, was a Watershed Moment.  The “old world” was on that side of it, and the new – the genuinely new – is on this side.

He speaks of Trumpism, calls it  a Revolutionary Movement –  the “Revolution we need”. Those who want it must help it to succeed. Then we will see how big the change is going to be.

The mainstream media simply do not understand it. He urges us not to speak of the “news media” but of the “propaganda media”, because that is what they truly are.

And there is more, much more, of real value.  The hour it takes to hear the whole speech is an hour very well spent.


[Hat-tip to our commenter Damon]

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  • liz

    Great speech! Really interesting how he brings in Ayn Rand and compares Trump to John Galt, except Trump is even better than Galt because instead of retreating from society, he decided to enter the fray and do something to fix it.
    This is what will make Trump a truly great President.

  • Azgael

    the american people will regret electing trump, its is like putting a band aid (Trump) on stage 4 cancer rather than killing the cancer (leftism)

    • I think the (Marxist) Left will die now. It has nowhere to go. No ideas. No direction. The horror we must face and destroy now is Islam – which the Left has empowered.

      • Azgael

        the left will never die as long as one of them is alive, and remember hitlery got more votes than Trump, we do not know how many where from illegals tho.

        • We’ll have to wait and see. The statists/communists/socialists/ progressives/ collectivists won’t go quietly. They’ll be spitting spiteful for a while yet. But there will be no new communist regimes. The existing ones are few and will not last much longer.