The amazing power of Vladimir Putin 2

The Left believes that not only Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections, but also Brexit was finagled by …

You guessed it! RUSSIA!


And via PowerLine:



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  • Damon

    Oh, please, commie rads … Spare us the Krokodil tears!
    Barry HO cautioning the Republicans not to get too friendly with Putin?
    “Reagan would roll over in his grave.” He did that in March 2012 when, in Seoul, you assured Dmitri and Vlad that all you needed was a little more space until the election, after which you’d have more flexibility to disarm us.
    What audassity !
    What a Krok !

    • liz

      No kidding! It’s beyond ludicrous. Trump makes an obvious joke about the Russians finding Hillary’s emails, and they pretend to take it as serious proof that he’s in cahoots with Putin.
      They pretend to take this entire Russian hacking “fake news” story as a serious threat, and accuse anyone who questions it of “propogating fake news”. All while pretending that Hillary’s serious breach of national security by using a private server for classified State department communications was no big deal!