Arrest George Soros! 4

Sign this petition to get George Soros arrested.

George Soros funds the violent rioting by numerous seditious groups all over America.

Read about him here.

And please go here and sign the petition.

And ask others to sign it too.

Issue an International Arrest Warrant for George Soros

Created by A.B. on January 21, 2017

Posted under Miscellaneous by Jillian Becker on Friday, February 10, 2017

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  • liz

    Don’t know if it will do any good, but signed it anyway. Noticed another petition on there demanding Trump’s resignation that has ‘reached the goal’ for signatures. Don’t know if I trust the site any more than I trust political polls.

    • Thank you for that, liz. I was lazy – didn’t look further. It might work, and that would be good. But I don’t expect that it will.

      • liz

        Right- something like this definitely needs to be done. I hope Trump and his team are on it with the best legal minds available. Soros and his front groups have had free rein wreaking havoc long enough.

  • Azgael

    will never happen, and will never get the needed signatures, conservatives are stupid spineless cowards.