In a state of subversion 1

Published as a YouTube video yesterday, March 16, 2017 –

From The Mark Steyn Show, here’s a SteynPost from a few weeks back musing on the supposedly non-existent Deep State as it sinks its tentacles deeper and deeper:

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  • liz

    Great stuff, as always, by Mark Steyn! ( Why did they fire him?)
    The “deep state” is basically staging a coup from within the bureaucracy and the federal judiciary, sabotaging and obstructing Trump at every turn.
    It’s the real ‘legacy’ of Obama. The consequence of allowing Leftist traitors to infiltrate the entire government for eight years, unimpeded. Why should anyone be surprised at the minefield they left behind as a parting gift?
    The fact that they are willing to jeopardize national security with these juvenile antics- such as blocking the ban on immigration from terrorist countries- proves what traitors they really are.