The good old days of Communism 7

The New York Times still praises Communism and American Communists.

The New York Times has always liked Communism.

Its famous Moscow correspondent Walter Duranty denied that Stalin caused millions of peasants to die of hunger in the Ukraine. He denied that there was any famine at all in the Ukraine.

These famous  pictures from that place and that time tell a different story:

Communism is coming into fashion again with intellectuals in the US.

Recently the university press of MIT published a book about it for very small children, to teach them early that Communism is charming, cute, fair, fun, friendly, jolly and good.

Is the whole of the Left soaked through with a longing for totalitarian Communism? Or is totalitarian Islam the more attractive choice for most of their thinkers?

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  • Mike

    Their sick rationalization is that the ‘failure’ of Communism was in it’s application. Good plan. Bad managers.

    • Yes. Over and over again they say it. “When WE do it, it will be different – utopia – perfect.”

  • liz

    Its beyond annoying, disgusting, appalling, sickening. There is just absolutely no excuse for it, especially from supposedly well educated “intellectuals”.
    “Journalism” as exemplified in the NYT long ago crossed the line from worthless drivel to poisonous propaganda.
    As much as I despise anything that approaches dictatorship, I would be happy to see all these traitors rounded up and ‘neutralized’, from Obama and every ‘activist’ judge or bureaucrat he appointed, the entire media, Soros and every communist front group he’s funding, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, to a few thousand “immigrants”, etc, etc. The list of our enemies is very long.

    • Bruce

      I have long advocated treating the communist as the communist has historically treated it’s own foes. What has gone around should come around. It’s also fitting in that their philosophy is collectivist in nature. If all white people should bear guilt for slavery, why should not all leftists be looked at as incipient mass murderers based upon the actions of Stalin, Mao, Che, and Pol Pot?

      • liz

        Good point. And the fact is, their stated aim is the destruction of capitalism and the overthrow of our entire constitutional system, which should disqualify them from sharing in the rights and freedoms of law abiding citizens. They, just like the Islamists pushing sharia on us, should be recognized as traitors and terrorists, and treated as such.

  • Its coming back into fashion over here in the UK as well, here is a picture of the Labour shadow chancellor giving a speech at a rally:

    Clearly the Conservatives don’t have a lot to worry about in the run-up to the coming UK general election next month.

    • Those pictures are vey dramatic. Very red. The people’s flag dyed with the heart’s blood of Communism’s martyrs, as the dear old song goes. The attending intellectuals look few and musty, dull, and even bored. Under the picture of Stalin! Shocking! How dare they!