Why she not he must win 11

Tomorrow the French voters choose either Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen to be their president.

He’s for Muslim immigration. She’s against it.

He’s for perpetuating the corrupt undemocratic EU. ¬†She ‘s for getting out of it.

That’s what matters.

What Mark Steyn says about Macron in this video is worth hearing. (Nothing the silly host says is worth listening to, but he’s unavoidable.)


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  • liz

    The tactics of the left are so predictable. This guy is a twin of Trudeau or Obama. Young, to appeal to the younger (ignorant, gullible) crowd, and women (same adjectives apply), but of course no honest portrayal of his real political leanings. And if Le Pen weren’t a nationalist, she’d be touted as the next “historical” achievement of women, like Hillary was. But for some unfathomable reason that suddenly isn’t a big deal!

    • A very good point – no glass ceiling that must be broken by Le Pen.

  • “En marche! Forward! Over the cliff!”

    Steyn is spot on, there is nothing new or “radical” about this centrist. The campaign has been a very well funded and desperate attempt to distance the glozi (globalist socialist) candidate from his previous boss – Hollande.

    • I like the coinage “glozi “.

      • The glozis are very sophisticated lovers of fine art, as I reveal in my latest post at the Participator!

        “The Artistic Vision That Inspires Macron”


        • Terrific article. Brilliant. Great fun. I really enjoyed it.

          Am on tenterhooks awaiting election result.

          • Thanks Jillian, glad you liked it! I just hope we will be also amused by the result!

            Also on tenterhooks…

            • Alas! Macron has won by a huge majority.

              What hope now for Europe? For the world?

            • Alas indeed, it is not a good day for civilization as you rightly warned. Perhaps as you put it we have already passed the fulcrum moment and Europe is already on the road to either quiet submission or increasingly widespread violent turmoil from here.

              However a week is a long time in politics, Macron may quickly fall out of favour. Civilization ain’t over till its over. Lets remember how quickly Morsi was ousted in Egypt (that may be a stupidly over-optimistic comment at this time, I admit).

              The size of the margin suggests France is nowhere near waking up to the looming threats. My impression from what I have gleaned from the campaign is that France is still more firmly under the grip of the left/liberal mainstream media than the US and the UK. It could be that the strongest voices of this “new right” movement are in the anglo-sphere, and so possibly it will take longer for non English-speaking countries to catch up and see the light.

              I think the possibility of serious financial collapse in one or more European countries has become more likely today, especially as Macron seems hell-bent on open borders. Of course when you have high youth unemployment, a policy of welcoming huge numbers of unskilled young people into your country is an extremely stupid one to follow.

              I am going to take a couple of days to gather my thoughts about where we go from here, and recover my sangfroid. After that we will be focusing on the upcoming UK general election. Although it will almost certainly be an easy win for the Conservatives, there is a lot to play for in terms of which candidates are selected, and what policies are in the manifesto.

              A revitalized EU must be met by a revitalized anglo-sphere. I expect Macron will make a lot of problems for the UK. When they threaten to punish us for leaving the EU (as Macron promised in his campaign), we must respond by turning our backs on them and looking outward as we have done before.

  • Zerothruster

    Vive FN, Vive la France !
    Mark Steyn was very good, and I thought Kilmeade was OK also.

    • Kilmeade’s summing up? Not silly?

      Anyway, he did get Mark Steyn on, and didn’t argue with him, so that’s all good.