Only what you feel is real? 18

In Canada, the Rebel Media reporter Lauren Southern “becomes a man”:

Please note: Beautiful, feminine Lauren Southern did this to show how ridiculous it is.

She can officially “become a man” without even feeling that she is one. Just saying she does.

How can a feeling ever be proved anyway?


(Hat-tip Chauncey Tinker)

Posted under Canada, Sex by Jillian Becker on Monday, May 15, 2017

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  • Zerothruster

    Cabaret 2017.
    Decadence is unsustainable.

    • Right. It is a symptom of decline.

      What will replace the declining culture?


      • Zerothruster

        God forbid.
        The problem is, He won’t.
        A bigger problem is, so many people believe he will.
        “God is in control”, or “God would never allow that” and such wishful thinking corrupts the body politic’s immune system. That’s what happened with the disabling of anti-communism (which remains incapacitated. My theory is, that’s really what is behind all of these threats to the West.)

        • liz

          I agree that religious wishful thinking debilitates the “immune system” of otherwise rational people.
          To clarify your last observation- is it the religious wishful thinking or communism that you’re saying is behind all the threats to the West? Assuming you mean communism, I agree.

          • Zerothruster

            That’s right. My opinion is that the soviet system went covert, by design, with the staged fall of the ussr.

            • liz

              Exactly. And morphed into “environmentalists”, man made global warming alarmists, feminists, multiculturalists, etc., etc….

  • A person could “self-identify” as a ham sandwich, that doesn’t make it true,

    Plenty of people have unconventional lives, and live them quietly. On the other hand, there’s this nitwit; what Lauren Southern is doing is virtue signalling, nothing but.

    • Animal – you miss the point. Beautiful and very feminine Lauren Southern is doing this to show how ridiculous it is.

      Rebel Media is on our side. See more of its productions. Ezra Levant owns it. He is excellent. A staunch ally of his is Mark Steyn.

      • I stand corrected. Although I will say there is plenty of virtual signalling going on around this issue.

        • There sure is! And you are right to say so. We should all say so loud and often.

        • Zerothruster

          Virtue signalling is grotesque but ubiquitous.
          Virtue is good, usually quiet, and too often unrecognized.

      • Zerothruster

        Thanks for this information about Rebel Media and Levant.

    • Zerothruster

      It’s interesting how this kind of satire can sometimes be missed. I have an old friend who’s a left-wing lesbian feminist. When I shared on FaceBook the “White Man Repenting” video from Onion that Jillian posted here recently, my friend’s FaceBook reply was “Right On!”
      I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it was a satire. That might have insulted her intelligence, whether or not she realized what it actually was.

      • Well, I missed it because I was just about to head out for work and didn’t watch the video. So I kind of jumped the gun.

        As for parody, it’s my considered opinions that the Left so often doesn’t recognize parody because it’s difficult to distinguish between parody and their real, stated opinions. Fundamentalist religious types can be the same way – remember the old Landover Baptist Church web site? Plenty of people took it for real, because too many fundamentalist nutbars already approach self-parody.

        • Zerothruster

          Thanks, Animal, and you know I did not mean that personally or to insult your intelligence, right?
          Thanks also for your insight about why religious zealots or political ideologues can have stuff like that go right over their heads. I’ll look into that Landover Baptist site.

          • I never took it as a personal comment, no. No worries there at all.

  • Cogito

    This is theatre of the absurd, Kafkaesque, post-modernism run amok, subjectivism for idiots…

    • liz

      Yes, don’t know how she could say any of that with a straight face.
      It’s ridiculous! The sad thing is they are forcing this crap on children.