Crazy Comey incriminates himself 6

This is the account of James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee that we like best.

President Trump’s personal attorney, Marc Kasowitz, tells how Comey incriminated himself and fully vindicated the President.

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  • Jake Murrin

    While Comey’s antics throughout both the Hillary Clinton email server investigation and the Russian election interference counterintelligence probe–from his impromptu press conference “exonerating” Hillary to his legally dubious leaks of alleged memos detailing his conversations with Trump, from “re-opening” the email investigation days before the November election to attempting to blend in with the curtains in the Oval Office–have been utterly deranged, Comey’s testimony is noteworthy for its admissions against interest. Most importantly for Trump, Comey described The New York Times’s February 14, 2017 “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence” as “almost entirely false” and confirmed that he had told Trump three times that the latter was not under FBI investigation. It’s rather astonishing how many dozens of news outlets reported that unnamed sources were telling them that Trump WAS being investigated and that Comey would never have offered any such assurances to Trump, when the truth was exactly the opposite. Could there really be so many “current and former officials” coincidentally telling anti-Trump “journalists” exactly what they want to hear? Clearly, anonymous sources are subject to extreme bias in their selection by the media, assuming they exist in the first place.

    • liz

      Yes, he not only exposed himself as a leaker, but the Press as liars!
      Then ices the cake by whining that Trump “lied” about him, and fired him for a bogus reason. He can’t see what’s obvious to everyone else – his own irrational, deranged behavior disqualified him. Strange guy.

      • Tim H

        The sooner Comey (or as I call him, “Malcom Merlyn”) goes away the better. He is a very strange, annoying person. Still… not as bad as Hillary, eh?

        • Please explain “Malcom Merlyn”.

          • Tim H

            “Malcolm Merlyn” is a villain in the “Arrow” TV series. He’s basically an evil version of Green Arrow.

        • liz

          “Not as bad as Hillary” – a reminder that must be kept on a continual loop in the brain! She, Obama, and the rest of the Left are like the Corpse that Wouldn’t Die, kept alive by Egor, their faithful media propagandists. No matter what far fetched, delusional fairy tales they come up with, the media parades them like irrefutable facts, and the ‘narrative’ continues.