“It’s time to stand up” 6

Tommy Robinson leads the protest against Muslim terrorism and the Islamization of Britain, Sunday June 11, 2017.


(Hat-tip to our British associate, Chauncey Tinker)

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  • Strange happenings in London today:


    A march, was it a march? What was it? Unannounced almost it seems an unknown group of football fans converged on the centre of London today. A media blackout at al-Beeb, no mention. What was happening? Some of the marchers laid

    wreaths at London Bridge to honour the memory of those who died in
    recent terror attacks. The group was addressed by several speakers
    including leaders from the Sikh community.



    Strange days indeed, an invisible march of thousands that nobody can see, at least, nobody at the BBC. Meanwhile the BBC are reporting on Corbyn’s performance at a music festival, I will have more to say about that presently.

    • Listen at around @59 mins to a Sikh speaker:

      • The Sikh was very good. “Whitehall won’t do anything, it’s up to the common man” – or something very near that. Splendid! The common man may yet save Britain. As he always has. Thanks a ton for sending us the links and this video.

      • These men ARE John Bull!

        This march gives me hope for Britain.

      • liz

        Yes, Thanks! Very encouraging to watch!

  • liz

    Great video and event. Just like the Tea Party movement eventually bore fruit in the defeat of the Party of Treason and the election of Trump, this one in Britian must and will prevail over their own “traitor class”.