The biggest issue of our time 11

…. is that people have no issue.

People of Europe, people of the West in general, and people of Japan, have no children.

“The people who built our modern world are going out of business – voluntarily,” Mark Steyn tells all who will listen, in this video published yesterday (July 23, 2027).

He impresses on his listeners that he is speaking of present fact, not making a prediction.

On the bad side, the Muslims migrating into Europe and the West (not into Japan which is dying as a purely Japanese nation) are having many children.

“This demographic transformation and substitution” is the most important issue of our time.

And, as Mark Steyn says, the media don’t – won’t – even mention it. (In America, the media prefer to concentrate on making up ludicrous scandals involving President Trump, in the hope of destroying his presidency. Meanwhile, however, President Trump himself is aware and concerned that our civilization is under threat, as he showed in his great speech in Warsaw.)


So most of the more knowledgable, more enlightened, more inventive nations of the world are choosing to die.

No children! It is an overwhelmingly bleak thought. Could any prospect be more desolate? Could there be a greater loss? It means, of course, the loss of our civilization.

A couple of lines from an old song (composer unknown), The Maidens’ Song, come to mind, hauntingly:

Tell me now what beauty’s for,

What is the use of the cradle?                                                                                             

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  • Thing is, it wouldn’t really be that difficult to return to a sustainable birth rate if we put our minds to it. Various estimates I’ve heard put the current birthrate at around 1.3 in Europe generally for Europeans compared to around 2.2 I think is the sustainable rate. So we’re only talking about couples having slightly less than 1 extra child per couple. There’s no necessity to return to Victorian era birthrates.

    • A fertility rate of 2.1 keeps the population stable.

      But isn’t the era of the family over? Isn’t marriage a dying institution? Don’t Western educated prosperous people prefer to spend their time and money on whatever gives them immediate gratification rather than on raising children?

      At a fertility rate of 1.1 or close, a population is halving with every generation. Mark Steyn has said (if I remember correctly) that no nation has ever recovered once the rate sinks that low. The Japanese at 1.4 are dying out. Here’s a list by country:

      • Indeed and there are a lot of single mothers out there nowadays of course – something that doubtless acts as a deterrent to future suitors, making it less likely those women will have future children. This is the sort of thing Stefan Molyneux talks about a lot.

        Very useful link, thanks. I’m slightly surprised to see Israel at 2.66, I thought they had a similar birthrate to European countries. Unfortunately what these statistics don’t tell us is the internal differences between ethnic groups within the countries. People make a lot of the fact that the UK is currently at 1.89 because its relatively high, but this masks the fact that a great deal of this is being driven by immigrant birth rates and Muslim in particular. The “White British” are in rapid decline – a fact of course illustrated by the fact that London is no longer majority “White British”.

        I’ll share this in our open forum (available from the top menu) – we are continuously sharing useful info here btw:

        • Thanks, Chauncey, I have bookmarked the page.

          Your point about the UK rate is very important.

  • I’ve read a lot about Japan’s demographic crisis, have written some on the topic, and have observed it myself. I’ve done a fair amount of business in Japan and I love the place; I’m hoping to go back next year when my current project ends.

    It’s true that Japan has apparently decided to die Japanese, because immigration there is difficult, restricted, and permanent residency is even tighter. Becoming a Japanese citizen is nearly impossible. The Japanese like their country Japanese and want to keep it that way, although to visitors and transient businessmen, they are unfailingly warm, polite and friendly.

    But their younger generations have some weird tendencies. A not-inconsiderable number of young Japanese are Hikikomori (ひきこもり) of “shut-ins,” badly agoraphobic recluses, finding a work-from-home job and never leaving their apartments for weeks or months at a time.

    Needless to say that makes a social life difficult. Add to that the appeal of video gaming and the Internet, and plenty of Japanese youths are not developing any meaningful social skills.

    That makes me sad, because while I wouldn’t want to live there permanently (I’m much too red-state American for that) Mrs. Animal and I do love Japan. We love the people, the country, the food, the beer, the society; we love the deep traditions of manners and respect, the beauty of the Japanese landscape, the crime rate that in most places is so low as to be nearly non-existent.

    I’m afraid my kids will live to see the end of the Japan their parents were so fond of.

    • Thank you so much, Animal, for that glimpse into Japan. Fascinating – and sad.

      • Arigato gozaimasu. Actually I can’t quite explain my love for Japan. It’s a pretty restrictive society; Japanese put up with things from their government that Americans would never tolerate.

        But our likes and dislikes aren’t always easy to explain, I guess.

    • liz

      As I think Mark mentions here, fewer Japanese are marrying at all, much less having children. I also just read that the sperm count (in the US, and likely Japan and other countries), is way down.
      Could the psychological effect of feminist man-hatred be so devastating to men that it’s affecting them physiologically?

      • The sperm count problem is a lot bigger than I had realized – apparently research found a 50% drop in 40 years (article from just yesterday):

        • liz

          Thanks for the link. It does say stress could be a factor, so my theory may be right! But I don’t doubt we’ll soon hear that man made global warming is to blame!

  • liz

    Very sad, and as with all our losses, we have the Left to thank for it.
    The Left created modern feminism, which has been it’s tool to destroy any sane concept of femininity or masculinity, any respect for motherhood, or any valuing of children and the family.
    The Left is thus destroying the basic foundations of civilization.