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So having pondered their failure for nearly 9 months after losing the White House, and finding themselves with very little power anywhere, power-hungry Democratic leaders have, it would seem, tentatively arrived at the thought that perhaps the continual bashing of President Trump and those who voted for him is not working well for them.

Is the party coming back from that legendary Land of Free Stuff, far over the left horizon?

It held a rally yesterday (July 24, 2015) to announce a re-launch of something, and a newish slogan to decorate it: “A Better Deal”.

Better than what? Better than FDR’s New Deal?

The announcement of the rally attracted about 100 enthusiasts. The slogan has yet to excite the tens of thousands who line up before daybreak to attend a Trump rally in the late afternoon.

But the “better deal” they propose must be carrying them a little way back from the far left, because voices from the far left deride them for it.

Tom Worstall writes at Forbes:

For once in my life I find I agree with the Bernie Bros and other sniping at the Democratic Party from the left – this “A Better Deal” program from Schumer, Pelosi et al is pretty weak beer, little more than a listing of three things which would be quite nice to have. And that’s the problem really, they’d be quite nice but they’re not inspiring, they don’t address the roots of any problems at all, in fact only tinker at the margins. Above all, none of them are the sort of thing to get the juices running nor – much more to the point – the sort of thing to get the election time volunteers out there and hyped up.

What are the three things?

Seriously? We’ll shout at the pharma companies a bit more, here’s a tax credit for apprenticeships and we’ll really look darn hard at the Amazon, Whole Foods merger type of thing?

That’s it? That’s supposed to get half the country marching against patriarchal capitalism?

Doesn’t really even qualify as beer does it, very weak tea might be a better description. But this is the one they’re running with:

“Too many Americans don’t know what we stand for,” Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, told a sweat-soaked crowd of about 100 at a park here off Main Street. “Not after today [will that be the case].”

Such is the battle cry of a party in the wilderness  

The writer goes on to suggest more exciting policy ideas for the Democrats, while denying that he himself is actually for them.

I’m still waiting to hear the “bold solutions” that Democrats promise. I can think of one possibility: Why not propose some version of truly universal single-payer health care?

I can think of a set of policies which would mobilize the base rather more. I wouldn’t say that I actually recommend any of these policies, my solutions to things tend not to be acceptable in Democrat circles. But yes, why not call for single payer (no, really, I don’t think it’s a good policy but as a rallying call however), $20 an hour minimum wage at some future date and a $3 trillion infrastructure program? No one is particularly listening to how these sorts of plans will be implemented nor paid for, the aim at present is to simply get that excitement at the world that could be raging. Seriously, the promise of a chicken in every pot would be more inspiring that “A Better Deal” so far.

Political excitement, which is what the Democrats are trying to engender, is created by the dreams of what could be, not the sort of marginal management issues proposed in “A Better Deal”.

But didn’t a vital section of the electorate demonstrate decisively last November that it is not easily taken in by promises of the impossible?

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  • Athrin

    Democrat party have no power? LOL WRONG, they control nothing but everything, they have MORE power now than when obama was POTUS, the GOP caves to EVERYTHING the dems want.

    • Not quite everything.But yes, the Left still has power in the schools and academies, the media, Hollywood and entertainment generally, and that is a lot of power. I meant, of course, direct political power. The Senate, the House, the presidency, governorships.

      • Athrin

        no, they control nothing but everything, they still hold power in congress, the GOP cannot do anything.

        • Too many of the GOP reps and senators are lefties. That’s the depressing truth.

  • Tim H

    The unexpurgated Democrat slogan is “A Better Deal…For The Elite”.

    Let’s not forget Chuckie “Schmuckie” Shumer is part of the “Obamacare for thee but not for me” crowd in the Senate. He’s part of the Mercedes Marxist, BMW Bolshevik, Lexus Leninist crowd who are going to show the Great Unwashed of middle America how to live.

    And while they’re at it, why not raise the minimum wage to $100 dollars an hour so a fry cook at McDonald’s can gross $208,000 a year? It’s only common sense, innit?

  • liz

    Too many Americans don’t know what Democrats stand for because that’s the way Democrat politicians want it! They hide their real agenda from voters.
    Health care is a prime example. They shoved the horrible “Affordable Health Care” (NOT) down our throats, lying about it the whole way, with the hidden intention that it would fail so they could “come to the rescue” with single payer.
    Voila! We’d be stuck with socialized medicine, and 1/6 of the economy under their control. That’s the goal of every issue they promote, the lying weasels.