Oh grave new world that has such people in it 16

Trends in immigration suggest what can only be termed, a self-imposed European death wish. …

Of the 7.5 billion people presently on this earth, the vast majority, mostly in the Southern hemisphere, and who are generally poor and backward, are trying to get to the Northern hemisphere, where there are greater opportunities and overly generous welfare states.

In recent polls 7 out 10 people from these lands say, given the chance, they want to flee their plight.

The last decade has seen more refugees, migrants and economic immigrants than at any point in human history: tens, if not hundreds of millions. …

Human trafficking is big business. The International Organization for Migration estimates that more than 1,000,000 migrants arrived in Europe by sea in each of the last three years, and tens if not hundreds of thousands more, by land. 

The numbers are astounding and only increasing.

Some 5,000 new migrants arrive on the shores of Italy alone every day

The U.S. estimates it is now populated by millions of illegal and undocumented immigrants. In fact, about one-fourth of the 42.4 million foreign-born people living in the United States today are illegal immigrants – this amounts to roughly 10.5 million, according to an objective study by the Center for Immigration Studies.

Geostrategists cannot comprehend billions (yes, potentially billions) of people moving from South to North. They can’t comprehend the risk or the total effects of this — a world without borders. Yet it is something that globalist political leaders and flat worlders actually seek and actively endorse. 

So writes Ted Malloch at Breitbart.

By far the most of the immigrants are ill educated if educated at all, and have beliefs and customs wholly antithetical to our own. Many will try to maintain the way of life they are used to.

They will soon be a majority in Europe, and eventually in the whole pan-European world.

The Left encourages this as a highly desirable development. The Left insists that any complaint or resistance to it is that worst of all possible crimes – Racism.

The Right sees it as the destruction of our civilization.

What it certainly means is that our world is becoming something entirely new.



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  • Hopelessly outnumbered, unarmed “border security”:


  • I tried to avoid talking about race for a long time but its become all too clear to me that race guilt is being used as a weapon against white Europeans and this has to be confronted. Just posted an article about a racist anti-white “art” video hosted at National Galleries Scotland:

    “Random White Dudes – In-bred Spawn Soon To Die Out”


    • As I have commented on the Participator site: Thank you for bringing this to your readers’ attention. An excellent, necessary, very timely article!

      I’ll both quote it and link to it.

    • liz

      Yes, good article. Hard to believe the lengths to which ignorance and arrogance can be stretched, undiluted by the slightest hint of an awareness of obvious, self evident facts. If it weren’t for these “random” white men, he’d still be eating monkeys in a hut.

      • Thanks Liz, exactly right!

      • Even the “music of black origin” idea is misleading – music evolves, I believe you can hear echoes of this piece by Chopin for example in the music of Scott Joplin:

        • liz

          Yes, an example of why the Leftist protest against “cultural appropriation” is such a joke. There’s not much in ANY culture that isn’t “appropriated” from other cultures in previous times.

  • Tim H

    Here’s a crazy idea: Instead of everyone from a socialist/communist/statist hellhole invading the Western countries, why don’t they try a bit of free market capitalism at home first? Try to emulate what made the Western countries successful and powerful, and then perhaps there would be no need for “refugees”.

  • Cogito

    As evidence for the unfathomable idiocy and wilful ignorance of the Europeans, I offer this link:


    • Thanks for the link, Cogito. As dangerous climate change in our time is a Grimm fairytale, the Germans are the very people to believe it. Some of them will be left to enjoy life under sharia – while still fearing that the planet is about to burn up.

  • liz

    The only thing “new” about it is that this time the destruction of civilization is self-imposed by regressive imbeciles. The Left embodies everything that is wrong with humanity – not just economically, but pathologically.
    They are like rotten children, throwing tantrums till they get their idiotic wishes granted. But they will soon regret getting what they wished for.